CRC - Legal Nurse Consulting Practices

Organization: CRC
Publication Date: 19 February 2010
Page Count: 648


From the fi rst edition of this book published in 1998, the special practice of legal nurse consulting has grown by leaps and bounds. In the early years, practice primarily focused on the education and support of attorneys practicing in medical litigation areas. Th e American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) has supported the growth of legal nurse consulting to include a rigorously administered certifi cation process, and a Scope and Standards of Practice published by the American Nurses' Association. Over the past 20 years, the practice of legal nurse consulting has grown to include areas such as life care planning, risk management, administration health law, criminal law, toxic torts, product liability, technical support in the courtroom, and much more. Th e opportunities for the education of legal nurse consultants have grown as well, with many online and college-based courses utilizing the Principles and Practices text as a core for curriculum development.

This third edition seeks to continue the expansion of the specialty practice with focus on emerging areas for legal nurse consultants to explore. Th is edition was created after a careful analysis of the current practice environment, a focus survey of membership, and a review of the practice analysis undertaken by the American Legal Nurse Consulting Certifi cation Board (ALNCCB). Th oughtful analysis was completed to determine additions and deletions to the text that would best serve readers for several years to come.

The scope of this project was handled in an effi cient and thoughtful manner. A talented group of associate editors each volunteered to take on six chapters to mentor, edit, and support. An invitation to previous edition authors was extended to allow past authors to contribute to this edition. A vetting process for new authors yielded many competent chapter authors who were willing to share their expertise in this all-volunteer project. A decision to expand the glossary and acronym sections allows the reader to quickly learn new information. Th e decision to evolve into a twovolume set took into consideration the needs of both novice legal nurse consultants and advanced practitioners for up-to-date information delivered in a cost-eff ective manner.

It has been our privilege to incorporate the skills and talents gathered for this project and shepherding them to fruition. It is indeed the opportunity of a lifetime to stand shoulder to shoulder with caring professionals, contributing to the future of nursing. On behalf of the authors, associate editors, reviewers, and staff , we invite you to read with vigor and enjoy!