CRC - Infection Management for Geriatrics in Long-Term Care Facilities

Organization: CRC
Publication Date: 14 September 2006
Page Count: 538


The second edition of Infection Management for Geriatrics in Long-Term Care Facilities continues with the tradition of the first edition in providing a book with quick and easy access to key information on the diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of infections and infectious diseases- issues in the long-term care setting. All chapters have been carefully reviewed, and new or updated information has been inserted as appropriate by our team of internationally and nationally recognized authors.

The chapters are consistent in their format so that the reader can anticipate and easily find the desired information. We have also added a new feature to this edition by beginning each chapter with a section of ''Key Points,'' which consists of a summation of the important information or issues described in that particular chapter.

In contrast to the first edition, which had three major sections, the editors have reorganized the second edition into four major sections: Principles of Aging, Long-Term Care, and Infection; Principles of Managing Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities; Common Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities; and Emerging and Drug-Resistant Pathogens. In addition, we have added new chapters including ''Role of Functional Assessment in Evaluating and Managing Infections in Long-Term Care''; ''Conjunctivitis, Otitis, and Sinusitis''; ''Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in the Nursing Home''; and ''Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome''. The emergence of newer pathogens, especially in frail older persons; the evolving field of geriatric assessment; and the changing dynamics, expectations, policies, and role(s) of long-term care facilities required that the editors add these new topics. Finally, we added a new appendix (Appendix C), which summarizes the minimum criteria for initiating antibiotics in residents of long-term care facilities.

We have maintained the emphasis on inserting tables and figures to allow the reader to quickly grasp data, information, or concepts. The references have been updated where indicated, and the editors have reduced the number of references in each chapter compared with the first edition in order to focus on the most important literature on the topic. Moreover, we have added another feature, ''Suggested Reading,'' which lists two or three of the key references that the reader can review to gain greater details about the subject matter.

The second edition of Infection Management for Geriatrics in Long- Term Care Facilities is a valuable and clinically useful reference for health-care providers, pharmacists, epidemiologists, infection control professionals, and administrators who interact and care for elderly residents in long-term care facilities, as well as infectious disease specialists, general internists, family physicians, and geriatric fellows who will have many occasions to visit, consult, and administer to these persons.