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CRC - Epilepsy in Children

Organization: CRC
Publication Date: 27 February 2004
Page Count: 522


This second edition of Epilepsy in Children reflects not only Sheila Wallace's vision of the problem of epilepsy in this age group but also her ability to translate the science of epilepsy into a practical clinical approach. There have been many major advances in both the basic and clinical science of epilepsy since this work was first published, and the purpose of this edition is to demonstrate the relevance of these discoveries to the practical management of epilepsy in this age group. This book is written therefore for those who are involved in the management of children with epilepsy.

Seizures are a symptom and many diseases manifest with this problem. In addition, the management of patients with epilepsy often involves a wide variety of fields including pediatrics, neurology, neurophysiology, nursing, pharmacology, neuroradiology, genetics, neurosurgery, neuropathology, psychiatry, psychology, social work and education. Consequently, the contributors come from a wide variety of different disciplines. On behalf of Sheila, I must thank all of these authorities for helping to make this edition relevant to those who care for children with epilepsy.

During the writing of this book, Sheila developed a brain tumor that made it increasingly difficult for her to edit. Her approach to this illness and her ability to retain her spirit despite her problems reflected the outstanding nature of Sheila's character and contributed greatly to the completion of this edition. I had the good fortune to work with Sheila on her last major work and was supported by her warmth, experience and strength of character.We were helped considerably by Joanna Koster, Sarah Burrows, Zelah Pengilley of Arnold Publishing and the proof reader, Rose James. I need also to thank Leila Laakso, Julie Baron, Pam Sekhon and Francesca Zanotto at British Columbia's Children's Hospital, who kept the ship afloat; Drs Mary Connolly, Olivia O'Mahony, Peter Wong, Kati Wambera and Alan Hill, who helped me complete the work; and Pnina Granirer for her artistic work. Finally, my greatest thanks must be to my wife, Kate, and my children, Seonaid, Alastair and Nic, who make it all worthwhile.