IET - Conduction and Induction Heating

Organization: IET
Publication Date: 1 January 1990
Page Count: 417

This book aims at a theoretical and practical treatment of both conduction and induction heating. They shape a common theory, one being the 'mirror image' of the other, and so one get two for the price of one. The book comprises four parts: conduction theory, induction theory, heat flow and practice. Modern induction practice is treated in four big chapters - through heating, surface heating, special applications and metal melting. In addition, there is a smaller chapter ono conduction heating, although at first sight, this might seem a lot of theory, the practical chapters make up half of the book and the theory itself is practically oriented. Throughout, the emphasis is on fundamentals and understanding, usually starting from first principles, with plenty of worked examples. Much of the theory is new, being either presented differently on solving new problems. Most of the direct resistance heating is new. There are new approaches to tube heating, both for DRH and induction; these show clearly the relationship to the solid solution. There are also chapters on saturation and the effect of permeability. This is a book that should be invaluable to engineers and technicians, designers and users. It will be useful to students studying either the theory of the heating process or its practice. The mathematics is not difficult and SI units are used throughout.


E. J. Davies