IET - Small Electric Motors

Organization: IET
Publication Date: 1 January 1998
Page Count: 309

Users of small electric motors face the difficult task of selecting the best motor for their particular drive application. The technical requirements of the drive, the level of safety needed and the cost factor must all be considered. The choice is made more difficult by the continuous arrival of newly developed types of motor. This book, a translation from German, aims to help those involved in specifying, developing, manufacturing and marketing small motors by reporting the current state of the art. The various types of motor, together with their differing characteristics and their relationship to small drives are covered. Developments such as brushless DC motors and stepper motors are discussed, as well as the use of electronic control which widens the spectrum of small motor applications. Also covered are measurement and noise problems. This book will be of interest to engineers, physicists and technicians involved in the design, manufacture and application of small motors in the laboratory, the factory and in service.


H. Moczala, J. Draeger, H. Krauss, H. Schock, S. Tillner