Standard: LUL - G1312


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Introduction to Sypol CMS

Welcome to Sypol CMS, the latest in our hazardous substance management systems which has successfully helped hundreds of companies comply with the COSHH Regulations for over 20 years. Sypol CMS offers an effective way to deliver compliant, task based risk assessments, using simple, easy to read pictograms to communicate the control measures needed to protect your staff. We work directly with you to produce a suitable and sufficient assessment, which is compiled by our team of expert consultants, all of whom specialise in COSHH or Occupational Hygiene. We independently classify substances using supplier information and trusted information sources. As the system is delivered through a web browser, there is no worry about installing, downloading or maintaining software. Through our dedicated helpdesk you can ask questions and access our consultant's expertise, knowledge and experience to assist you in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your staff.

There are five levels of access to the system; this user guide covers the functionality available to those with Viewer access. The viewer access capabilities are summarised below:


As viewers on the system you can access and print the assessments that are relevant to your daily activities. As you will see later on in this guide, upon logging in you are directed immediately to the Work Areas screen where you will be able to find your information quickly.

Once you have found the assessment relevant to your work, you can select the activities which match your method of use/exposure and view the necessary control measures which will have been assigned to this particular activity. You may find that a particular work activity which reflects your method of use/exposure is not covered by the current assessment. If this is the case you are able to request that a new activity/exposure scenario be added, thus ensuring you are fully protected and compliant in your work.

A COSHH risk assessment created in Sypol CMS can be divided into three distinct parts; detailed below. Once these three parts have been compiled, the COSHH risk assessment can be said to be ‘complete', thereby helping to ensure compliance with the COSHH Regulations.

Organization: London Underground Library
Document Number: g1312
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