Standard: DIN - AD 2000-MERKBLATT S 4


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This AD 2000-Merkblatt contains criteria for the evaluation of stresses and can be used in those cases where the component loading condition has been calculated on the basis of a linear-elastic stress-strain relationship. This AD 2000-Merkblatt also applies to the evaluation of measured loading conditions if-apart from locally restricted partial yielding over the cross-section - a linear-elastic behaviour becomes apparent especially after repeated loading. These criteria shall be used unless the AD 2000-Markblatter, contain other pertinent rules, see for example 2.2 of AD 2000-Merkblatt B.0. This does not exclude other possibilities of verification.

In the case of stresses determined on the basis of elastro-plastic analyses these criteria cannot be commonly used for the evaluation of the stresses.

The stress evaluation criteria in this AD 2000-Merkblatt apply to components of pressure vessel systems, boiler plants, tank farms, and piping systems if they can be represented as plane or curved load-bearing structures (consisting of isotropic disks, plates or shells) or as 3-dimensional rod structures (consisting of pipes or bars with full rectangular or circular cross-sections).

The stresses may be caused e.g. by gauge pressure of vacuum, external forces and moments, mass forces as well as restraints on thermal expansion.

The stipulations of this AD 2000-Merkblatt apply to steels allowed for the construction of pressure vessels. Where the stipulations are to be applied to other metallic materials, e.g. non-ferrous metals, the specific properties of such materials shall be taken into consideration.

The components temperatures (wall temperatures) shall be in the range of non-time dependent design strength values.

The requirements of the AD 2000-Markblatter regarding the materials used, manufacture, workmanship as well as first and periodic inspections shall be met.

Modes of failure

Where the criteria for the limitation of stresses laid down in this AD 2000-Merkblatt are satisfied, the following modes of failures will be avoided:

- ductile fracture and gross distortion of materials due to mechanical overload.

- progressive distorion 9ratcheting) due to cyclic loading.

- fatigue fracture where the creep rupture or fatigue strength is exceeded (in conjunction with AD 2000-Merkblatt S 1 or S 2).

Adherence to the stress evaluation criteria laid down in Section 4 does not safeguard against the following modes of failure which shall be considered additionally:

- instability

- brittle fracture

- creep rupture

- high temperature fatigue

- stress corrosion cracking

- corrosion fatigue.

Organization: Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.
Document Number: ad 2000-merkblatt s 4
Publish Date: 2000-10-01
Page Count: 8
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active