Standard: LUL - G1309


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Our employees are sometimes exposed to traumatic incidents as a result of their day to day work. The two major types of incident that occur are workplace violence, and person under train/near miss incidents. Other traumatic incidents also sometimes take place. We are committed to minimising the occurrence of traumatic incidents for example through the Violence Reduction Action Plan and the work to prevent suicides on London Underground, but there will always be some incidents that cannot be prevented. We are also committed to supporting our employees when an incident has taken place because these can result in considerable distress to those who witness or who are involved in the aftermath of such events.

Research consistently demonstrates that we can help people to recover more quickly and effectively if we provide early and effective support. At London Underground we are committed to providing employees with this effective support. Immediate support is available for train operators from the Trauma Support Group volunteers and professional specialist trauma counselling is also available from Occupational Health's Counselling and Trauma Service.

However, managers are also an important source of support for their staff, and our employees tell us that when they have been well supported by their managers, that this has really helped their recovery following traumatic incidents. Offering support is not only the right and compassionate thing to do, it also makes business sense.

This booklet is intended to give clear and practical guidance on how to support staff effectively after a traumatic incident has taken place. It provides managers with:

1 Information about what constitutes a traumatic incident and what kind of symptoms people may experience afterwards.

2 Guidance on how to offer effective immediate support to staff following a traumatic incident.

3 Information on post traumatic stress symptoms and guidance on how to provide effective ongoing support.

4 Advice on how and when to talk about work and how to plan the return to work together.

5 Advice about ongoing monitoring and support.

6 Information on how the Counselling & Trauma Service can help both employees and managers.

We would like to encourage all managers to read this guide and use the support that is available, in order to better support their employees after traumatic incidents, and to assist their recovery and return to full health.

Organization: London Underground Library
Document Number: g1309
Publish Date: 2005-04-01
Page Count: 24
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active