TTP - Advances in Abrasive Technology XVI

Organization: TTP
Publication Date: 6 December 2013
Page Count: 759

Abrasive machining is one kind of old technology, but it has a far-reaching impact on a broad spectrum of industries. In particular modern manufacturing, there is an ever increasing demand of advanced abrasive technology and other precision abrasive technology. The collection brings together both academic researchers and practitioners from around the world for interchange of the latest developments.

The 123 papers are grouped as follows:

1: Abrasive Jet Machining;

2: Abrasive Machining;

3: Advanced Cutting Technology;

4: Brittle Material Machining;

5: CMP and Silicon Wafer Processing;

6: Coolants and Cooling;

7: Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Devices for the Applications of Abrasive Technologies;

8: EDM, Ultrasonic Machining, and Laser Machining;

9: Finishing, Lapping and Polishing;

10: Glass Molding and Related Topics;

11: Grinding Wheel and Abrasive Grain Technologies;

12: In-Process Measurement and Monitoring, Metrology;

13: Machine Tools and Systems, Tooling Processing;

14: Micro/Nano-Machining;

15: Surface Integrity and Materials Characterization;

16: Tribology in Manufacturing;

17: Truing, Dressing and ELID.

Review from Book News Inc.: Abrasive technology has been around a long time, but new materials and other innovation are requiring the field to stay abreast. The 123 peer-reviewed papers here discuss such aspects as abrasive jet machining, abrasive machining, advanced cutting technology, brittle material machining, coolants and cooling, glass molding and related topics, grinding wheel and abrasive grain technologies, in-process measurement and monitoring metrology, micro-machining and nano-machining, surface integrity and materials characterization, and tribology in manufacturing.