TTP - Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology II

Organization: TTP
Publication Date: 31 May 2013
Page Count: 241

Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers covers engineering materials, manufacture and production, automation and control, environment-friendly design and manufacture, web/internet technologies, artificial intelligence and smart computing in design and manufacture, enterprise, management, and other related topics and so on. This work will be invaluable to production and research engineers, and also to research students and academics interested in the field.

Review from Book News Inc.: The series presents reports of recent developments in various ares ofmaterials science and engineering. This volume covers advanced designtechnology, advanced material and manufacturing technologies, and othermatters. Among the topics are the optimal design of a driller's gear boxusing a method of grey classification, the design and application of rapidmanufacturing domain ontology to support resource sharing, processparameters of ballscrews manufactured by cold rolling, thermal conductivityin the diffusion layer of coated cutting tools, and a new algorithm forstereo matching based on binocular vision.