Standard: UFC 4-740-09AN


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a. This guide contains design criteria for Army Arts and Crafts Centers which are in some instances referred to as Skill Development Centers. The term Skill Development Center will be used only when preparing budget documents, DD forms 1391 which summarize project requirements for the Military Construction, Army (MCA) Program and for nonappropriated funded projects as stated in AR 28-1 and AR 230-1.

b. The primary purpose of this guide is to provide criteria for design personnel who prepare and evaluate project designs. This guide also provides general guidance for installation personnel and Corps of Engineers field offices in planning and programming project requirements.

c. In addition, it is expected that facility managers will find this guide useful in planning improvements or in better utilizing existing Arts and Crafts Centers or other suitable facilities.

d. This guide is directed toward improving early design decisions and toward the development of realistic, costeffective spaces in conjunction with the regulations and criteria references below. It should be used in the preparation of project development brochures, project data forms, design analyses and drawings.

a. This design guide is applicable to all new construction projects for Army Arts and Crafts Centers. It is also applicable, as general guidance, to projects involving the modernization or conversion of existing facilities.

b. While this guide is the basic design criteria document for Arts and Crafts Centers, it is not intended to provide all of the information required for successful preparation of project designs. Additional information must be obtained from the installation pertaining to the unique requirements of the users and the locational constraints and opportunities of the site.

c. Maximum space allowances for Arts and Crafts Centers are discussed in Department of Defense Construction Criteria Manual, 4270.1-M Chapter 3. These alIowances are based on the authorized projected military population of the using installation. Military population is defined as the military strength plus 40 percent of the dependent population and 10 percent of the retired military personnel living in the area. Although an Arts and Crafts Center of 20,650 square feet which serves a military population of 20,000 to 25,000 was chosen to illustrate the criteria contained in the guide, the criteria contained herein are applicable to all sizes of facilities.

d. Example designs are provided in Chapter 5 for both a new facility of 20,650 square feet, and for modernizing and expanding an existing facility of 9400 square feet.

Organization: Unified Facilities Criteria
Document Number: ufc 4-740-09an
Publish Date: 2005-03-01
Page Count: 73
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

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ER 1110-345-700
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