Standard: MODUK - DAVP 70: SPEC 2 CHAP 0


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Specification 2 defines the requirements for publications and data sheets for aircraft components and equipment, ground support equipment, electronic equipment and guided weapons. Chapter 0 defines the general requirements; subsequent chapters define the technical content and requirements applicable to the particular classes of equipment.

An equipment publication is one devoted to an item, range, or set of equipment, in isolation from any system of which it may form a part. The publication includes, as required, some or all of the topics listed in Spec 0 Chap 3; in some instances diagrams and maintenance data may be required to be produced separately as a Topic 10 'Maintenance diagrams and 4 data'.

For ease of reference and economy in preparation, all variants of the same basic type of equipment shall be covered by the same publication except when the complexity of the equipment and the degree of difference between variants make it more economical to cover some of them separately. When the differences are small, the first unit may be dealt with fully, and subsequent variants covered by a definition of the differences only. In some instances, a set of dissimilar but related items of equipment may be covered by a single publication. With a complex equipment the main unit and its systems shall form the subject of a single publication; elements that bear a separate identity (eg accessories) shall each be made the subject of other separate publications.

A data sheet for an item of equipment is required in some instances for inclusion in 'data' or 'concise details' publications which are used by staffs when assessing, for example, the suitability of equipment for a given purpose. The information contained in these data sheets is normally an extract from the related equipment publication

Equipment publications and data sheets shall be produced in accordance with the general requirements of Spec 0 except where it is otherwise stated in this specification.

Organization: British Defence Standards
Document Number: davp 70: spec 2 chap 0
Publish Date: 2003-06-01
Page Count: 1
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active