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ASTM International - ASTM D1711-02

Standard Terminology Relating to Electrical Insulation

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Organization: ASTM International
Publication Date: 10 March 2002
Status: inactive
Page Count: 10
ICS Code (Electrical engineering (Vocabularies)): 01.040.29
ICS Code (Insulating materials in general): 29.035.01

1.1 This terminology is a compilation of technical terms used in conjunction with testing and specifying solid electrical and electronic insulating materials in standards under the jurisdiction of Committee D09 on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials.

1.2 It is intended that all definitions in this terminology are identical to definitions of the same terms as printed in standards of originating technical subcommittees, with the exceptions of: ( 1) deletion of any part of the Discussion included in another standard that refers specifically to the use of a term in that standard; ( 2) figure numbers and corresponding references; and ( 3) in this terminology, a parenthetical addition of a reference to one or more technical standards in which the term is used and the year in which the term was added to this compilation.

1.3 Symbols may be included as part of the representation of terms, where appropriate.

1.4 It is not intended that this terminology include descriptions of terms or symbols (except as noted in 1.3). Acronyms and abbreviations referring directly to defined terms may be included.

1.5 Revisions and additions to the definitions in this terminology are to be made as a product of a collaborative effort between Subcommittee D09.94 and the various technical subcommittees of Committee D09, with Subcommittee D09.94 providing editorial advice to the technical subcommittees. New definitions and revisions of existing definitions must first be approved by the cognizant technical subcommittee (or subcommittees) before inclusion in this terminology.