Standard: MODUK - DEF STAN 00-25: PART 15


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Human factors is a term used to embrace a wide range of issues concerning ways in which people interact with, operate and maintain systems, equipment and materiel to achieve required capabilities. Def Stan 00-25, Designing for Humans in Defence Systems addresses the way in which human factors should be identified, defined and managed in defence acquisition programmes for which DPA have responsibility.

The standard is presented in eight related parts:

Def Stan 00-25 Part 15: Human Engineering – Principles and Process

Def Stan 00-25 Part 16: Technical Guidance and Data – Introduction and Manpower Domain

Def Stan 00-25 Part 17: Technical Guidance and Data – Personnel Domain

Def Stan 00-25 Part 18: Technical Guidance and Data – Training Domain

Def Stan 00-25 Part 19: Technical Guidance and Data – Human Engineering Domain

Def Stan 00-25 Part 20: Technical Guidance and Data – Health Hazard Assessment Domain

Def Stan 00-25 Part 21: Technical Guidance and Data – System Safety Domain

Def Stan 00-25 Part 25: Human Engineering – Supporting Information

Def Stan 00-25 Part 15 discusses system issues and the role of Human Factors within projects, and provides a guide to tools and techniques to support the integration of human factors. However, Part 15 does NOT prescribe a specific process for implementing human factors Integration (HFI), rather it provides reference to other comprehensive guidance.

It is recognised that within the gamut of defence procurement activities, project size and complexity will vary greatly from large, complete single or multiple platforms to individual items of personal equipment. The extent of required HFI activities may also be influenced by whether a new system is being created ab initio, or from Customer Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment or whether an existing system is being modified or upgraded. The HFI process should, therefore, allow for adaptation and customisation to project-specific needs, based upon a systematic consideration of what human factors issues are, or are likely to be in a given context.

In allowing for such adaptation and customisation, there is an imperative need to consider Human Factors systematically, according to established principles and norms, and the planning and documentation of all activities that are judged to be appropriate to a given project situation.

An important part of the process of applying the guidance is that any decisions to depart from the specified method are fully documented in the project-specific human factors activity plan together with the reasons for omitting or adapting any of the normative steps.

Organization: British Defence Standards
Document Number: def stan 00-25: part 15
Publish Date: 2004-07-30
Page Count: 84
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive

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