Standard: MODUK - DEF STAN 00-35


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This Defence Standard contains environmental data and a range of tests representing conditions which may be encountered during the life of defence materiel. The environmental data should be used to select test methods and test severities to simulate the service, storage and transportation environments for the materiel. The information available from the test results and subsequent assessments should be capable of providing sufficient evidence to demonstrate compliance with the specified environmental requirements for the materiel.

Defence Standard 00-35 comprises 7 PARTS, with a Part 0 consisting of a list of important changes and amendments, a revision note and a historical note and, each of the remaining PARTS being divided into SECTIONS and CHAPTERS. The 6 PARTS are:

PART 0 Important Changes and Amendments

PART 1 General Requirements

PART 2 Specification of Service Environments

PART 3 Environmental Testing

PART 4 Natural Environments

PART 5 Induced Environments

PART 6 Abnormal Environments

The technical material in this Standard has been prepared by the Joint Technical Requirements Committee (JTRC), Sub Committee No 2. The JTRC is composed of representatives from the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Research Agencies, the Federation of Electronic Industries, and the Society of British Aerospace Companies.

This Standard, either in whole or in part, is mandatory only when specified in a contract, and the Standard is to be used at all times in conjunction with the relevant project based specifications for the materiel.

Any enquiries regarding this Standard in relation to an invitation to tender or a contract in which it is invoked are to be addressed to the Procurement Authority named in that invitation to tender or contract.

This Standard has been prepared for the use of the Crown and of its contractors in the execution of contract for the Crown and, subject to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, the Crown will not be liable in any way whatever (including but without limitation negligence on the part of the Crown its servants or agents) where the Standard is used for other purposes.

This Standard calls for the use of substances and test procedures that may be injurious to health if adequate precautions are not taken. It refers only to technical suitability and in no way absolves either the supplier or the user from statutory obligations relating to health and safety at any stage of manufacture or use.

In accordance with HM Government policy, the maximum use has been made of environmental tests published in British Standards and where these are suitable they are invoked in this Standard.

This Standard is directly related to the CENELEC Standard EN 60068 (IEC 68 series) via BS EN 60068 (converted from BS Soll), which are technically identical.

The use of any Part of the Standard shall imply and invoke the use of Part 1 of this Standard.

Organization: British Defence Standards
Document Number: def stan 00-35
Publish Date: 1996-01-01
Page Count: 6
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive