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VA - FED H-08-1 SEC 15902


active, Most Current
Organization: VA
Publication Date: 1 March 2005
Status: active
Page Count: 53


A. The control system(s) shall be as indicated on the project documents, point list, drawings and described in these specifications. This scope of work shall include a complete and working system including all engineering, programming, controls and installation materials, installation labor, commissioning and start-up, training, final project documentation and warranty.

B. Engineering Control Center (ECC) shall include:

1. Operator Workstation Web-Browser User Interface (UI).

2. Ethernet, IP Supervisory Network.

3. Portable Laptop servicing device with software.

4. Graphic Operational Interface.

5. Software Configuration Tools (SCT).

6. Scheduling and Alarm Management software.

7. Local LonWorks FTT-10 or 1250 networks.

8. Network Area Controllers (NAC).

9. Data and File Server (DFS).

10. Unitary Control Units (UCU).

11. LonMark Compliant Application Controllers and field devices.

12. Connected I/O devices.

13. Third party system Data Integration.

C. The Controls Contractor's work shall include all labor, materials, special tools, equipment, enclosures, power supplies, software, software licenses, Project specific software configurations and database entries, interfaces, wiring, tubing, installation, labeling, engineering, calibration, documentation, submittals, testing, verification, training services, permits and licenses, transportation, shipping, handling, administration, supervision, management, insurance, Warranty, specified services and items required by the Contract for the complete and fully functional Controls Systems.

D. Following control devices and systems shall be used to provide the functional requirements of HVAC equipment and systems.

1. Direct Digital Control (DDC) of HVAC equipment and systems with pneumatic electric or electronic positioning of valves and dampers.

2. Terminal units including VAV Boxes, Fan Powered Boxes, Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Fan Coil Units, Base Board Heaters, Secondary Humidifiers and similar units for control of room environment conditions may be equipped with integral controls furnished and installed by the equipment manufacturer or field mounted. Refer to equipment specifications and as indicated in project documents.

E. Base bid includes the replacement of an existing ECC and the DDC controls and the installation of new DDC controls as well as pneumatic/electronic operators as indicated on the temperature control diagrams and the I/O Points List.

F. Connect the new work to the existing ECC system or operator workstation manufactured by _____________, Model Number _______located in _____________. The existing CPU/CRT, printer, and other peripherals may be used to form a single operator workstation. New system including interface to existing systems and equipment shall operate and function as one complete system including one database of control point objects and global control logic capabilities. Facility operators shall have complete operations and control capability over all systems, new and existing including; monitoring, trending, graphing, scheduling, alarm management, global point sharing, global strategy deployment, graphical operations interface and custom reporting as specified. Modify the existing ECC, if necessary, to accommodate the additional control points.

G. The control subcontractor shall supply as required, the necessary equipment to interface between any existing and new system Network Area Controllers (NAC) as part of this contract. Number of area controllers required is dependent on the type and quantity of devices, hardware and software points provided. Network area controllers are same as remote controller units (RCU).

H. The control systems shall be designed such that each mechanical system shall operate under stand-alone mode. Temperature Controls contractor shall provide controllers for each mechanical system. In the event of a network communication failure, or the loss of any other controller, the control system shall continue to operate independently. Failure of the ECC shall have no effect on the field controllers, including those involved with global strategies.

I. The Top End of the NAC shall communicate using American Society of Heating and Refrigerating Engineers/American National Standards Institute (ASHRAE/ANSI) Standard 135(BACnet) protocol. The NAC shall reside on the BACnet/IP Ethernet (ISO 8802-3) local area network, and provide information via standard BACnet object types and application services. The Bottom End of the NAC, the unit level controllers and all other field devices shall reside on the LonTalk FTT-10a network, and provide data using LonMark standard network variable types and configuration properties.

J. The intent of this specification is to provide a peer-to peer networked, stand-alone, distributed control system. The ECC requires the incorporation of LonWorks Technologies using Free Topology Transceivers (FTT-10), and specific conformance to the LONMARK Interoperability Association's v3.0 Physical and logical Layer guidelines in all (NAC) Network Area Controllers, Remote Control Unit controllers, unitary terminal unit controllers and other LonMark compliant field devices. The minimum Baud rate shall be 78,000 Baud for FTT-10 and 1,250,000 Baud for FTT-1250.

1. LonTalk communications protocol will be used on the communication network between RCU controllers and LonWorks controllers and devices to assure interoperability between all devices within the network.

2. The ECC shall provide communication to all LonTalk data variables as defined in input/output point schedule and as required to accomplish sequence of operation as specified.

3. There shall be power wiring run in conduit with communications trunk wiring.

K. The control system shall accommodate simultaneously multiple user operation 5 10 20 and the access to the system should be limited only by operator password.

Document History

FED H-08-1 SEC 15902
March 1, 2005
DESCRIPTION A. The control system(s) shall be as indicated on the project documents, point list, drawings and described in these specifications. This scope of work shall include a complete and...