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Listed herein are designations and chemical composition limits for some wrought unalloyed aluminum and for wrought aluminum alloys registered with The Aluminum Association. This list does not include all alloys registered with The Aluminum Association. A complete list of registered designations is contained in the "Registration Record of International Alloy Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Wrought Aluminum and Wrought Aluminum Alloys." These lists are maintained by the Technical Committee on Product Standards of The Aluminum Association. Additions may be made as required, and alloys will be deleted when no longer in commercial use (see table of inactive alloys). In considering requests for additions, the following criteria apply:

1. The aluminum or aluminum alloy shall be offered for sale currently and shall have been sold within the 12 months immediately preceding the date of registration request, in both cases in commercial quantities.

2. The complete chemical composition limits must be disclosed and judged to be reasonable and technically correct by the Technical Committee on Product Standards of The Aluminum Association.

3. The composition must be significantly different from that of any aluminum or aluminum alloy for which a numerical designation has already been assigned.

4. Composition limits changes:

4.1 Composition limits changes, including the net of changes made sequentially, shall be restricted to the extent allowed by the alloy modification rules of ANSI H35.1 or for national variations, those allowed by the national variation rules. Also, no change shall be permitted if it affects the validity of any registered alloy, modification or national variation.

4.2 The limits of non-experimental compositions may be changed only by formal ballot of the Technical Committee on Product Standards.

4.3 Composition limit change proposals for experimental ("X") aluminum or aluminum alloys are subject to review for 30 days by the Technical Committee on Product Standards of The Aluminum Association. However, the registrant has the final authority to change the composition, as desired, provided the change complies with the rules of 4.1 above. Changes proposed by those other than the registrant are acceptable only with the approval of the registrant.

5. A composition shall not be designated as experimental ("X") for more than five years. During the period that an alloy is designated as experimental, the registrant shall confirm to the Technical Committee on Product Standards of The Aluminum Association at intervals not exceeding two years the reason(s) the experimental designation is still required.

An experimental composition that is inactivated shall retain the prefix "X" for the duration of its inactive status. If reactivated, the "X" shall be removed. Any proposed charge to the composition limits accompanying reactivation shall be subject to approval in accordance with 4.2 above.

In addition to the above criteria, registration of an alloy by The Aluminum Association Technical Committee requires that the proposed chemical composition limits must be judged to be technically correct by formal ballot of the Technical Committee on Product Standards. The Aluminum Association Technical Committee registration shall not be applied to any alloy designated as experimental (with prefix "X").

The numerical designations of these compositions were assigned in conformance with the system adopted by The Aluminum Association in 1954 and approved by the American Standards Association (now American National Standards Institute Incorporated) as an American Standard in 1957 (see Aluminum Standards and Data, or American National Standard Alloy and Temper Designation Systems for Aluminum ANSI H35.1-1990).

Some of the registered alloys may be the subject of a U.S. patent or patent application, and their listing herein is not to be construed in any way as the granting of a license under such patent rights.

Organization: The Aluminum Association Inc.
Document Number: reg 3
Publish Date: 1993-12-01
Page Count: 17
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