CRC - Nail Surgery

Organization: CRC
Publication Date: 13 January 2011
Page Count: 206


For more than 20 years, the three of us have experienced daily nail surgery. We thought that designing a tutorial book with a step-by-step approach would be of great value both for beginners and skilled dermatologic surgeons repelled by nail procedures.

We composed this book not according to the pathology but to the site of the surgical procedure. Thus, the reader will encounter surgery of the nail bed, of the matrix, of the proximal nail fold, etc.

The first chapters, crucial before any further reading, are devoted to the anatomy of the nail apparatus, the anesthetic procedures, and specific instrumentation. One whole chapter covers all the prerequisites before embarking on surgery such as the preoperative consultation, the surgical field prep, the dressings, management of postoperative pain, etc

Each chapter is organized in the same way, following the same framework: a short overview of the area involved, the specific instrumentation, the most adequate type of anesthesia, the procedure itself-step by step- with corresponding illustrations (both high-resolution macrophotographs and schematic drawings), and then the handling of postoperative pain, postoperative care, potential complications, and their management. Each procedure is rated in three grades according to the difficulty of the surgical procedure. The same rating is applied to postoperative pain.

This textbook is directed to demystify and dispel the fears and inhibitions of the physician and the skin surgeon facing surgical procedures of the nail apparatus.