CRC - Computed Tomography of the Cardiovascular System

Organization: CRC
Publication Date: 20 December 2007
Page Count: 536


This book is a labor of love by imaging enthusiasts from all over the world, meant for individuals interested in mastering cardiovascular computed tomography (CT). Two ideas have guided the development of its content: 1. both cardiologists and radiologists can become expert readers of cardiovascular CT studies and 2. the cardiovascular system is not separated at the aortic valve into two entirely disparate parts. To emphasize these points, we have invited cardiologists as well as radiologists as contributors, and have included a large section on vascular radiology which is missing from most current textbooks on cardiac CT.

Cardiovascular CT in its current, widely embraced form is a relatively young field. As a result, the evidence base for its use is still being developed, and there is controversy about the appropriateness of cardiovascular CT imaging in specific clinical situations. To address such concerns, we have included chapters on clinical context and on the relationship between CT and more established cardiovascular imaging techniques. Cardiovascular CT is evolving rapidly, and in order to avoid publishing material that is obsolete by the time it appears in print, we have placed great emphasis on discussing principles that are as much as possible independent of type and generation of CT scanners.

We have organized the book to progress from a discussion of basic concepts in cardiovascular CT, over descriptions of a wide array of clinical applications, to uses of CT that are currently considered investigational but are clearly on the horizon for the clinical realm and that contribute to the understanding of clinical problems in cardiology. Placing chapters on general issues next to chapters on specific aspects of cardiovascular CT has created minor overlaps that are intentional and that allow each chapter in the book to stand alone and be easily read and understood by itself.

We are very proud of, and grateful to, the many experts in CT from the U.S. and from abroad who have generously agreed to devote their time to contributing articles and who have made this book a unique and complete account of the current status of cardiac, vascular, and investigational applications of cardiovascular CT. We trust that readers will find it a valuable resource as they study the clinical use and the future potential of cardiovascular CT.