Standard: LUL - G0132


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This guidance applies to all new and altered barriers and non-lineside fences installed in and around London Underground operational, controlled property where London Underground or its suppliers and/or partners are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the fence.

This document should apply to the construction of new or replacement barriers and fences around LU property except for operational boundary (lineside) fencing, for which reference should be made to the LU Cat 1 Standard S1167 Operational Boundary Fencing.

This guidance does not describe the requirements for a brick, masonry or concrete walls constructed to form a barrier. For this type of barrier refer to LU Cat 1 standard S1135 Premises - Finishes and associated guidance document G0135.

Ornamental railings will probably be considered as a "Heritage Feature" and any work to repair or replace should be guided by LU Cat 1 standard 1-355 Listed Buildings and other Structures of Design or Historical Importance and associated guidance.

Temporary barriers, fences or hoardings, generally for construction activity, should be designed erected and cleared in accordance with the LU Cat 1 Standard 1-027 Site Hoarding Fencing and Barriers.


The purpose of this Guidance Document is to support the delivery of project or maintenance works on assets required to comply with Cat 1 standard S1132 Premises - Barriers and Fencing.

This guidance is to assist designers and specifiers to select the correct barrier or fence for the location and to provide guidance to installers on workmanship.

For fencing, this guidance is not to be read as the only solution for boundary demarcation and security, but if this guidance is adopted it will be deemed to satisfy LU requirements

The object of this guidance document is to provide sufficient criteria to:

a) Ensure the necessary degree of security, boundary protection and trespass deterrence to LU assets;

b) to prevent fare evasion;

c) Fulfil the statutory requirements for fencing of railway land;

d) Provide optimum selection of fencing types to facilitate ease of maintenance;

e) Present a uniform corporate style;

f) Ensure safety of the public and staff.

Organization: London Underground Library
Document Number: g0132
Publish Date: 2014-03-01
Page Count: 13
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

Document History

Document # Change Type Update Date Revision Status
G0132 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2014-03-01 Status: INAC
G0132 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2011-06-01 Status: INAC

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