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ASTM International - ASTM E631-15

Standard Terminology of Building Constructions

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Organization: ASTM International
Publication Date: 1 March 2015
Status: active
Page Count: 35
ICS Code (Construction materials and building (Vocabularies)): 01.040.91
ICS Code (Construction industry in general): 91.010.01

1.1 This Terminology consists of terms and definitions pertaining to the subject field of buildings and building construction, and in particular, terms related to the standards generated by ASTM Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings.

1.2 The purpose of this Terminology is to provide preferred and admitted designations along with the meanings and explanations of technical concepts applied in the subject field of buildings and construction, written for both the non-expert and the expert user.

1.3 This comprehensive Terminology standard contains all ASTM standardized definitions generated in ASTM Committee E06 that are considered general in nature. Beyond this comprehensive terminology, there are also separate terminology standards that have been developed within Committee E06 by a number of technical subcommittees.

1.3.1 These separate general terminologies are created relative to specific subject fields and the terminological entries have been grouped for convenient use (see Section 2 and Appendix X1). Some terminology data contained in those other subsidiary terminology standards also appear in this comprehensive standard.

1.3.2 The following standards are separate terminologies that have been developed within specific E06 Subcommittees whose term entry lists are provided in Appendix X1:

E833 Terminology of Building Economics
E1480 Terminology of Facility Management (Building-Related)
E1481 Terminology of Railing Systems and Rails for Buildings
E1605 Terminology Relating to Lead in Buildings
E1749 Terminology Relating to Rigid Wall Relocatable Shelters
E2110 Terminology for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
E2151 Terminology of Guides for Specifying and Evaluating Performance
   of Single Family Attached and Detached Dwellings
E2265 Terminology for Anchors and Fasteners in Concrete and Masonry

1.4 Terms are listed in alphabetical sequence. Compound terms appear in the natural spoken order. To show the relationships in certain families of concepts, groups of narrower terms and their definitions are grouped under the definition of the broader term. Each such sub-entry is listed also (in italics) with a cross-reference to the special class.

1.5 Certain standard definitions herein are adopted from other sources. Each is an exact copy. The source is identified at the right margin following the definition, and is listed in Section 2.