Standard: IAEA - GSR PART 6


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This publication establishes the safety requirements for all aspects of decommissioning from the siting and design of a facility to the termination of the authorization for decommissioning.

This publication applies to nuclear power plants, research reactors, other nuclear fuel cycle facilities, including predisposal waste management facilities, facilities for processing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM), former military sites, and relevant medical facilities, industrial facilities, and research and development facilities.

. These requirements do not apply to radioactive waste disposal facilities or disposal facilities for NORM or for waste from mining and mineral processing. Requirements for the closure of such facilities are established in Ref. [3]. However, requirements for the decommissioning of supporting buildings and services of such facilities are established in the present publication.

This publication does not address the remediation of areas contaminated by residual radioactive material arising from past activities that (a) were never subject to regulatory control or (b) were subject to regulatory control in a manner that is not in accordance with the relevant IAEA safety standards and national regulations. It also does not address the remediation of areas affected by a nuclear or radiological emergency after the emergency has been declared to be over. However, many of the requirements established in this publication can also be applied to decommissioning after an accident has occurred or a situation has arisen that has resulted in serious damage to, or the contamination of, a facility, or simply after the premature shutdown of a facility. The requirements for the remediation of such areas are established in Ref. [4].

The definition of decommissioning (see para. 1.1) makes it clear that decommissioning is concerned with ‘facilities', i.e. buildings, including their associated land and equipment. There may be areas of land that have become contaminated during operation of a facility. The cleanup of these areas is part of decommissioning.

The management of fresh nuclear fuel and the management of spent nuclear fuel and of radioactive waste generated during the operational phase of a facility are not usually considered part of decommissioning. These are addressed as part of the operation of the facility and are outside the scope of this publication. However, the management of waste from decommissioning is within the scope of this publication.

This publication addresses the radiological hazards resulting from decommissioning. Non-radiological hazards, such as industrial hazards or hazards due to chemical waste, can be significant during decommissioning. Such hazards require due consideration in the planning and implementation process, in the safety assessments and environmental impact assessments, and in the estimation of costs and the provision of financial resources for the decommissioning project. However, these issues are outside the scope of this publication and are not explicitly addressed here.

Security aspects have to be considered during decommissioning, but are outside the scope of this publication. The IAEA issues recommendations on nuclear security in the IAEA Nuclear Security Series [5]. Requirements pertaining to interfaces of safety with nuclear security are established in Ref. [6].

Organization: International Atomic Energy Agency
Document Number: gsr part 6
Publish Date: 2014-01-01
Page Count: -2147483648
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

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