Standard: LUL - G0043


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(1) This document is written to provide guidance, primarily on electronic and electromechanical assets; however, it is applicable to all asset types.

(2). For the purpose of this document, assets are respective to, but not restricted by:

(a) Materials, including liquids, those items that form either a component or part, treatment or finishing (e.g. sheet metal, paint or oil).

(b) Components, those items formed by materials and used to make a part or equipment (e.g. resistor, integrated circuit).

(c) Part’s, those items that are formed by components/materials and used within a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), Assembly (Assy) or equipment/system) (e.g. Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) computer cards, motor assembly or metal frames).

(d) LRU’s, those items that are formed by components or parts and used within an (Assy or equipment/system (e.g. modular or sealed unit comprising Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or similar, Switch Gear or Public Address (PA) speaker).

(e) Assy’s, those items that are formed by LRU’s and used within an equipment/system (e.g. Communications & Download Unit (CDU) or control rack).

(f) Equipment/System (those items that are formed by parts, LRU’s and/or Assy’s (e.g. train or escalator, those items to which they are typically reported and/or managed at)


(1). The purpose of this document is to:

a) Provide guidelines for managing obsolescence,

b) Propose best practices for managing obsolescence, and

c) Support planning of a cost-effective process throughout the lifecycle.

(2). This document describes approaches that should be taken by London Underground (LU) as part of Transport for London (TfL) and/or its suppliers/contractors to manage obsolescence and its associated risks for the asset.

(3). The objective of the guide is to familiarise anyone who is either interested in or responsible for obsolescence management with the methodologies and strategies required to effectively support an asset throughout its lifecycle.

(4). It is TfL’s aim to ensure that obsolescence is effectively and economically managed to meet its commitment of delivering a world class, safe and reliable metropolitan railway for London.

(5). Its primary concern is the future obtain-ability of those products that are or may be necessary to sustain the safe and efficient operation of its assets and systems throughout their service lives, i.e. replacements, spare components, supporting services, and any other pertinent commodities.

(6). It is intended that this is a sectional document with the user reading the necessary section (and annex) to support any obsolescence activities they undertake

Organization: London Underground Library
Document Number: g0043
Publish Date: 2015-11-01
Page Count: 116
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

Document History

Document # Change Type Update Date Revision Status
G0043 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2013-10-01 Status: INAC
G0043 Change Type: STCH Update Date: 2011-01-01 Status: INAC

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