PACKT - Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook

Organization: PACKT
Publication Date: 6 January 2016
Page Count: 352

Connect your Raspberry Pi to the world with this essential collection of recipes for basic administration and common network services

About This Book

• Install, administer, and maintain your Raspberry Pi

• Explore a new world of computing with this low cost, credit-card sized computer

• Connect your Raspberry Pi to other devices on local networks and utilise IoT services Who This Book Is For This book is intended for students, scientists, and hobbyists who wish to connect their Raspberry Pi to other devices on a local area network or to the Internet of Things. Whether you are new to the Raspberry Pi, or already have a lot of experience with it, the recipes in this book will be a valuable reference to you and inspire your next project. You will want to have this book handy as a guide whenever you are working on networking projects for the Raspberry Pi. What You Will Learn

• Install, update, and upgrade your Raspberry PI

• Configure a firewall to protect your Raspberry Pi and other devices on your local area network

• Set up file sharing, remote access, a web server, and your own wiki

• Create a wireless access point and use it as an Internet gateway

• Stream video, audio, and local device data to IoT services as well as your own websites

• Control devices connected to the Raspberry Pi from your phone via the web

• Create a giant video wall using multiple monitors and Raspberry Pis

In Detail

With increasing interest in Maker Projects and the Internet of Things (IoT), students, scientists, and hobbyists are using the Raspberry Pi as a reliable, inexpensive platform to connect local devices to Internet services.

This book begins with recipes that are essential to installing the Raspberry Pi and configuring it for network access. Then it continues with recipes on installing common networking services such as firewalls and file sharing.

The final chapters include recipes for network monitoring, streaming data from the Raspberry Pi to IoT services, and using clusters of Raspberry Pis to store and analyze large volumes of data.

Style and approach

This book contains a collection of practical, engaging recipes that will guide you through enhancing your Raspberry Pi's existing network.