Standard: FAA - 14 CFR PART 1203


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Legal basis

(a) Executive Order 13526 (hereinafter referred to as ‘‘the Order’’). The responsibilities and authority of the Administrator of NASA with respect to the original classification of official information or material requiring protection against unauthorized disclosure in the interest of national defense or foreign relations of the United States (hereinafter collectively termed ‘‘national security’’), and the standards for such classification, are established by the ‘‘the Order’’ and the Information Security Oversight Office Directive No. 1, as amended (32 CFR part 2001, ‘‘Classified National Security Information’’);

(b) E.O. 10865. Executive Order 10865 (24 FR 1583) requires the Administrator to prescribe by regulation such specific requirements, restrictions and other safeguards as the Administrator may consider necessary to protect:

(1) Releases of classified information to or within United States industry that relate to contracts with NASA; and

(2) Other releases of classified information to industry that NASA has responsibility for safeguarding.

(c) The National Aeronautics and Space Act. (1) The National Aeronautics and Space Act (51 U.S.C. 20113) (Hereafter referred to as, ‘‘The Space Act’’), states:

The Administrator shall establish such security requirements, restrictions, and safeguards as he deems necessary in the interest of the national security * * *

(2) Section 303 of the Space Act states:

Information obtained or developed by the Administrator in the performance of his functions under this Act shall be made available for public inspection, except (i) information authorized or required by Federal statute to be withheld, and (ii) information classified to protect the national security: Provided, That nothing in this Act shall authorize the withholding of information by the Administrator from the duly authorized committees of the Congress.


Organization: Federal Aviation Administration
Document Number: 14 cfr part 1203
Publish Date: 2016-01-01
Page Count: 16
Change Type: STCH
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: NO
Current Version: NO
Status: Inactive

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