ISO 17396 - Synchronous belt drives - Metric pitch - Tooth profiles T and AT endless and open ended belts and pulleys
November 1, 2017 - ISO

This document specifies the principal characteristics of synchronous endless and open belts and pulleys of the profile systems T and AT for use in synchronous belt drives for mechanical power transmission and where positive indexing or synchronization can be required. NOTE...

JIS B 8814 - Pulleys for Belt Conveyors
May 1, 1992 - JSA
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VDI 3622 - Belt conveyor for bulk material - Conveyor pulleys
February 1, 1997 - DIN
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ASME A90.1 - Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts
February 27, 2015 - ASME

This Standard applies to the manufacture, installation, maintenance, inspection, and operation of manlifts. Manlifts covered by this scope consist of steps (platforms) and accompanying handholds mounted on, or attached to, an endless belt operating vertically in one direction only and being...

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BS 5934 - Calculation of Operating Power and Tensile Forces in Belt Conveyors with Carrying Idlers on Continuous Mechanical Handling Equipment
June 30, 1980 - BSI

Sets out methods for the calculation of the operating power requirements on the driving pulley of a belt conveyor, and of the tensile forces exerted on the belt.

BS 4531 - Specification for Portable and mobile troughed belt conveyors
May 30, 1986 - BSI

Dimensional requirements for belting and pulleys for portable and mobile troughed belt conveyors together with requirements for ancillary items. A formula for calculating the belt carrying capacity is given as an appendix.