May 27, 1998 - NPFC

This commercial item description (CID) covers hot water booster heaters that increase a sink's hot water temperature to not less of 180°F. The heaters are intended for use in Naval shipboard food service areas for the sanitizing sink of a three-compartment or...

UL 1453 - UL Standard for Safety Electric Booster and Commercial Storage Tank Water Heaters
March 29, 2016 - UL

These requirements cover electric booster water heaters, electric commercial storage tank water heaters, and remote control assemblies for such heaters, rated 600 volts or less, to be employed in ordinary locations in accordance with the National Electrical...

March 24, 1988 - NPFC

The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description in preference to MIL-H-43895 except for Naval Shipboard use.

A description is not available for this item.
ASTM F2022 - Standard Test Method for Performance of Booster Heaters
January 1, 2001 - ASTM

This test method evaluates the energy efficiency, energy consumption and water heating performance of booster heaters. The food service operator can use this evaluation to select a booster heater and understand its energy consumption. This test method is...

DNVGL-CP-0501 - Booster units
September 1, 2018 - DNVGL

This CP gives a description of the procedures and requirements related to documentation, design and type testing applicable for TA of booster units. This CP does not set the design requirements to the booster units. TA is based on compliance with design requirements given in the DNV...

UL 174 - UL Standard for Safety Household Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters
April 29, 2004 - UL

These requirements cover household electric storage tank and small capacity storage tank water heaters rated no more than 600 volts and 12 kilowatts to be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, and with model plumbing and mechanical codes. These...

ASTM F1696 - Standard Test Method for Energy Performance of Stationary-Rack, Door-Type Commercial Dishwashing Machines
March 1, 2018 - ASTM

This test method covers the evaluation of the energy and water consumption of single-rack, door-type commercial dishwashers (hereafter referred to as dishwashers). Dishwashers may have a remote or self-contained booster heater. This test method does not address cleaning or...

ASTM F1920 - Standard Test Method for Performance of Rack Conveyor, Commercial Dishwashing Machines
August 1, 2015 - ASTM

This test method evaluates the energy and water consumption of rack conveyor, commercial dishwashing machines, hereafter referred to as dishwashers. Dishwashers may have remote or self-contained booster heater. This procedure does not address cleaning or sanitizing performance....

CSA C22.2 NO 72 - Heater elements
January 1, 2010 - CSA

This Standard applies to (a) heater elements for use in equipment that is intended to be connected to a supply of nominal system voltage of 600 V or less; and (b) those heater elements that are installed in accordance with the Rules of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I. This...

GMW14746 - Elastomeric Membrane - Brake Booster
January 1, 2017 - GMW

This specification covers the materials and performance of elastomeric membranes for brake boosters. Material Description. Materials covered by this specification are divided into three (3) Types: continuous and peak temperature limit are as defined by the Vehicle Technical Specifications...

NR/L2/ELP/24011 - Booster Transformer Outages
June 1, 2008 - NR

This specification applies to those parts of Network Rail's 25 kV a.c., 50 Hz electrified railway infrastructure, which includes the use of traction return conductors and booster transformers. It mandates the requirements for the operation of Network Rail's 25 kV a.c., 50 Hz electrified...

SAE J1494 - Battery Booster Cables
March 1, 2012 - SAE

The purpose of this SAE Recommended Practice is to establish minimum performance and user information requirements for battery booster cable sets used with 6 OR 12-VOLT BATTERIES. Such sets may be used to provide a temporary connection of a surface vehicle battery to another similar battery...

ASTM F2640 - Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Booster Seats
April 1, 2018 - ASTM

This consumer safety specification covers the performance requirements and methods of test to ensure the satisfactory performance of the booster seat. This consumer safety specification is intended to minimize injuries to children resulting from normal usage and reasonably foreseeable misuse...

GMW14322 - Heater Core
February 1, 2016 - GMW

Introduction Note: Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. Note: In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. Purpose. The standard shall define the Design Validation (DV), Production Validation (PV),...

BS AU 185 - Seat Belt Booster Cushions
January 31, 1983 - BSI

Requirements for booster cushions for use with an approved adult lap or lap and diagonal seat belt or child safety harness by persons of small stature of mass 15 kg or more to improve the fit of the seat belt.

PIP VESEH001 - Electric Immersion Process Heater Specification
December 1, 2016 - PIP

This Practice provides minimum technical requirements for the process and mechanical design, materials, fabrication, inspection, and testing of electric immersion process heaters and associated controls, including thyristor control panels. This Practice applies to electric immersion process...

February 1, 2017 - ARMY

NOTE: This guide specification covers the requirements for heater scarifier procedures for bituminous pavements in connection with surface treatments or asphalt overlays.

NG TS 3.24.12 - Technical Specifications - Quadrature Booster Bay
October 1, 2009 - NG

PURPOSE AND SCOPE This specification defines the functional and performance requirements for the protection of 400kV and 275kV oil immersed Quadrature Boosters (QB) constructed in accordance with IEC 76 or equivalent.

GMW18025 - Seat Heater Mat
May 1, 2020 - GMW
A description is not available for this item.