Embedded Systems Architecture
May 30, 2018 - PACKT

"A comprehensive guide to reaping the benefits of architectural modeling in embedded design About This Book • Identify and overcome challenges in embedded environments • Understand the steps required to increase the security of IoT solutions • Build safety-critical and memory-safe...

Embedded Systems Design
July 27, 2017 - CRC

* Hardware/Software Partitioning * Cross-Platform Development * Firmware Debugging * Performance Analysis * Testing & Integration Get into embedded systems programming with a clear understanding of the development cycle and the specialized aspects of

Real-Time Embedded Systems
August 1, 2017 - WILEY

Offering comprehensive coverage of the convergence of real-time embedded systems scheduling, resource access control, software design and development, and high-level system modeling, analysis and verification Following an introductory overview, Dr. Wang delves into the...

Embedded Systems Dictionary
August 2, 2017 - CRC

This technical dictionary defines the 2,500 most-used words in the embedded systems field, with over 4,500 entries and cross-references. Designed to serve both the technical and non-technical audience, this book defines advanced terms in two steps. The fi

Embedded Systems Circuits and Programming
May 29, 2012 - CRC

During the development of an engineered product, developers often need to create an embedded system-a prototype-that demonstrates the operation/function of the device and proves its viability. Offering practical tools for the development and prototyping phases, Embedded...

Embedded Systems: Hardware Design and Implementation
January 1, 2013 - WILEY

Covers the significant embedded computing technologies-highlighting their applications in wireless communication and computing power An embedded system is a computer system designed for specific control functions within a larger system-often with real-time...

Model-Based Testing for Embedded Systems
September 15, 2011 - CRC

Clarifies theory and practice associated with test specification and validation of complex software-intensive embedded systems Includes detailed examples from industry to illustrate real-world solutions Provides a global view of the current practices in Model-Based Testing, helping...

AIAG PMCE - Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems
October 22, 2008 - AIAG

Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems: Ensuring Product Integrity and Program Quality There are many books on project management and many on embedded systems, but few address the project management of embedded products from concept to production....

Handbook of Real-Time and Embedded Systems
July 23, 2007 - CRC

Real-time and embedded systems are essential to our lives, from controlling car engines and regulating traffic lights to monitoring plane takeoffs and landings to providing up-to-the-minute stock quotes. Bringing together researchers from both academia and industry, the Handbook of...

Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems
July 27, 2017 - CRC

a very good balance between the theory and practice of real-time embedded system designs.' -Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino, Ph.D., Research Laboratory, Internet Initiative Japan Inc., IETF IPv6 Operations Working Group (v6ops) co-chair 'A cl

Testing Complex and Embedded Systems
December 8, 2010 - CRC

Many enterprises regard system-level testing as the final piece of the development effort, rather than as a tool that should be integrated throughout the development process. As a consequence, test teams often execute critical test plans just before product launch, resulting in much of the...

Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems
November 24, 2009 - CRC

The demands of increasingly complex embedded systems and associated performance computations have resulted in the development of heterogeneous computing architectures that often integrate several types of processors, analog and digital electronic components, and mechanical and optical...

Instant Optimizing Embedded Systems using Busybox
November 25, 2013 - PACKT

Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. A step-by-step guide which provides concise and clear recipes for getting started with Busybox.If you are an embedded system developer or Android developer who wishes to...

Simulation Engineering: Build Better Embedded Systems Faster
August 15, 2001 - CRC

Build complex embedded systems faster and with lower costs by: * Knowing when and how much simulation testing is appropriate * Applying engineering methods to simulation design and development * Using the best tools available to develop simulations.

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Modeling and Optimization of Parallel and Distributed Embedded Systems
February 1, 2016 - WILEY

This book introduces the state-of-the-art in research in parallel and distributed embedded systems, which have been enabled by developments in silicon technology, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), wireless communications, computer networking, and digital electronics....

Embedded Systems and Wireless Technology: Theory and Practical Applications
June 22, 2012 - CRC

The potential of embedded systems ranges from the simplicity of sharing digital media to the coordination of a variety of complex joint actions carried out between collections of networked devices. The book explores the emerging use of embedded systems and wireless...

Practical Statecharts in C/C++: Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems
January 7, 2002 - CRC

Downright revolutionary... the title is a major understatement... 'Quantum Programming' may ultimately change the way embedded software is designed.' -- Michael Barr, Editor-in-Chief, Embedded Systems Programming magazine

Cooperating Embedded Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks
January 1, 2008 - WILEY

A number of different system concepts have become apparent in the broader context of embedded systems over the past few years. Whilst there are some differences between these, this book argues that in fact there is much they share in common, particularly the important notions...

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