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Enterprise Agility
June 29, 2018 - PACKT

Enterprise Agility is practical framework for enhancing Agility and equipping your company with the tools to survive. About This Book • Prepare your company to navigate the rapidly-moving business world • Enhance Agility in every component of your organization • Build a framework that meets...

ISO/IEC 19770-5 - Information technology - IT asset management - Overview and vocabulary
August 1, 2015 - ISO

This part of ISO/IEC 19770 provides a) an overview of the ISO/IEC 19770 family of standards, b) an introduction to IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM), c) a brief description of the foundation principles and approaches on...

Mastering Docker Enterprise
March 5, 2019 - PACKT

A journey toward containerized applications in production with a cloud-portable, secure, robust and highly available Docker Enterprise platform. Key Features * Get an insider's view into the container movement and Docker Enterprise * Manage the transformation associated with...

Mastering ArcGIS Enterprise Administration
October 27, 2017 - PACKT

Learn how to confidently install, configure, secure, and fully utilize your ArcGIS Enterprise system. About This Book • Install and configure the components of ArcGIS Enterprise to meet your organization's requirements • Administer all aspects of ArcGIS Enterprise through user...

Agilizing the Enterprise
June 1, 2018 - CRC

This book blends concepts and their application in a comprehensive and clear presentation of how mastering of visionary leadership, strategic Innovation, managed resilience, and organizational agility improve solution delivery and sustain enterprise performance. This book widens the...

DS/ISO/IEC 19770-5 - Information technology - IT asset management - Overview and vocabulary
September 9, 2015 - DS

ISO/IEC 19770-5:2015 provides a) an overview of the ISO/IEC 19770 family of standards, b) an introduction to IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM), c) a brief description of the foundation principles and approaches on which...

Blockchain for Enterprise
September 26, 2018 - PACKT

Implement blockchain principles in your choice of domain using Ethereum Key Features *Build permissioned enterprise-grade blockchain applications from scratch *Implement Blockchain-as-a-Service to enterprises in terms of deployment and security *Achieve privacy in blockchains using...

Handbook of Enterprise Integration
November 9, 2009 - CRC

Maintaining compatibility among all affected network and application interfaces of modern enterprise systems can quickly become costly and overwhelming. This handbook presents the knowledge and practical experience of a global group of experts from varying disciplines to help you plan and...

HTML5 Enterprise Application Development
February 22, 2013 - PACKT

A practical development tutorial, giving users step-by-step instructions to allow them to create an enterprise web application.This book is for developers who want to create enterprise web applications with engaging user experiences with no browser plugins. Basic JavaScript...

Force.com Enterprise Architecture
March 31, 2017 - PACKT

Architect and deliver packaged Force.com applications that cater to enterprise business needs About This Book • Explore the lightning framework, advanced application life cycle processes, and testing • Use the Force.com platform to build truly integrated, scalable, and robustly engineered...

Enterprise Operations Management Handbook
October 22, 1999 - CRC

The Enterprise Operations Management Handbook provides the expert advice and guidance of hundreds of leading computing practitioners and consultants. Covering all major areas of enterprise operations management, this edition provides essential information for managing a...

Liferay Portal Enterprise Intranets
April 28, 2008 - PACKT

This book is a practical guide with a very user-friendly approach. The author has taken a virtual enterprise as an example and has used the features of Liferay to build a corporate intranet for that enterprise. This book is for System Administrators or experienced users (not...

PhoneGap for Enterprise
December 26, 2014 - PACKT

This book is intended for developers who wish to use PhoneGap to develop useful, rich, secure mobile applications for their enterprise environment. The book assumes you have working knowledge of PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and a reasonable understanding of networking and n-tier...

Troux Enterprise Architecture Solutions
August 13, 2010 - PACKT

The book introduces topics in a broad context using a "best practices" model. Then the Troux Transformation Platform is used to provide concrete examples for the concepts. The book reads more like a novel than a manual, but provides insight and background to topics. In addition to clear language,...

Modelling Enterprise Architectures
January 1, 2010 - IET

The book reviews developments in the following fields: enterprise architecture (EA) modelling; introduction to the notation; UML diagrams; essential elements for an EA; requirements modelling for EAs; the Zachman framework; and defence-based architectural frameworks. Author(s) Jon Holt,...

Enterprise PowerShell Scripting Bootcamp
May 18, 2017 - PACKT

The quick start guide for an advanced enterprise PowerShell framework About This Book • Introduces industry-proven techniques that improve script efficiency and reliability • Example-rich guide based on real-world scenarios • Facilitates building a script that can fully scan a Windows server...

ISO DIS 19440 - Enterprise modelling and architecture - Constructs for enterprise modelling
March 19, 2019 - ISO

This standard identifies and specifies constructs necessary for users who are modelling enterprises in conformance with EN ISO 19439:2008. This standard focuses on, but is not restricted to, engineering and the integration of manufacturing and related services in the enterprise...

Enterprise Interoperability: INTEROP-PGSO Vision
July 1, 2017 - WILEY

"Interoperability of enterprises is one of the main requirements for economical and industrial collaborative networks. Enterprise interoperability (EI) is based on the three domains: architectures and platforms, ontologies and enterprise modeling. This book presents the EI...