CSA O132.4 - Hinged Exterior Wood Door Frames
October 1, 1980 - CSA

This Standard provides minimum requirements for the material characteristics and the fabrication of wood frames for doors with or without attached wood frames, i.e., sidelights and transoms.

SWRI EXTERIOR WALLS - Practical Guide to Waterproofing Exterior Walls
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GMW16243 - Decorative Exterior Decals - Foils
September 1, 2016 - GMW

This specification covers the performance requirements of exterior decorative striping and graphics with pressure sensitive adhesive and a suitable release liner. It also includes premasks for ease of application, location, and protection during application. Typical examples are shown in...

NFRC 100 - Procedure for Determining Fenestration Product U-factors
January 1, 2017 - NFRC

Products and Effects Covered The following products and effects are within the scope of ANSI/NFRC 100 and shall be permitted to be rated in accordance with this procedure. A. Products of all types as defined in Table 4-3; B. Products of all frame materials, including (but not limited to) aluminum,...

AWC 2012 WOOD DESIGN PKG - 2012 Wood Design Package
January 1, 2012 - AWC
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AWC 2005 WOOD DESIGN PKG - 2005 Wood Design Package
January 1, 2005 - AWC
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PREN 14732 - Timber structures - Prefabricated wall, floor and roof elements - Requirements
January 1, 2011 - BSI

This European Standard specifies performance requirements at delivery for prefabricated structural (loadbearing) wall, floor and roof elements (diaphragm assemblies) consisting of framing members of timber and/or wood-based panels or boards on one or both sides, for use in service class 1 or...

ASTM E2266 - Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Low-Rise Frame Building Wall Systems to Resist Water Intrusion
February 1, 2011 - ASTM

This guide describes design, specification, selection, installation, and inspection of new building wall systems, exterior deck and stair components, doors, windows, penetrations and sealant joints of wood and metal frame buildings, typically four stories or less, to minimize...

GM6074M - Decorative Exterior Decals
March 1, 2006 - GMNA

This specification covers the performance requirements of exterior decorative striping and graphics with pressure sensitive adhesive and suitable liner. GM6073M film is intended for exterior decal applications, such as striping, ornamentation, etc., and may include premasks for ease...

Maintaining exterior wood finishes
October 1, 1995 - BRE

This Good Building Guide advises on which type of finish to use for exterior doors and windows, discusses the pros and cons of finish types and how they compare in practice, advises on successful maintenance methods, and gives guidance on the method and extent of surface preparation...

CSA O132.5 - Stile and Rail Wood Doors
January 1, 1992 - CSA

General This Standard specifies minimum requirements for stile and rail wood doors. The Standard provides definitions, tolerances, sizes, construction, types of doors, detailed requirements, grading, and testing methods. Note: This extract from CSA Standard O132.2-M1977 does...

CSA A453 - Energy Performance Evaluation of Swinging Doors
January 1, 1995 - CSA

This Standard applies to swinging door systems (with or without glazing inserts), with or without sidelites/transoms, that are intended for exterior installation in commercial or residential buildings. The Standard includes steel doors (insulated and uninsulated), composite...

ASTM D3110 - Standard Specification for Adhesives Used in Laminate Joints for Nonstructrual Glued Lumber Products
January 1, 1995 - ASTM

1. Scope 1.1 This specification establishes acceptable performance levels for glues or adhesives to be used in nonstructural glued lumber products. Such products include, but are not limited to, interior and exterior moldings, window and door stock, and glued lumber panels. Adhesives...