Flood Hazards
July 28, 2011 - CRC

A 360-degree view of the response to flood risk As major flooding events around the world show, the impact of flooding on the built environment can cause widespread chaos. These flood events form part of a wider pattern of increasing flood frequency coupled with...

Flood Assessment: Modeling & Parameterization
December 19, 2017 - CRC

About 7,000 people lose their lives and nearly 100 million people are adversely affected by floods each year worldwide. Flooding occurs in almost every part of the world and is the result of extreme rainfall. Severe flooding also costs billions of dollars each year in damage...

Applying flood resilience technologies
September 1, 2014 - BRE

Introduction Recent flooding events worldwide have shown that existing flood defence structures do not guarantee a sufficient level of protection for people and properties. Climate change and rapid urbanisation mean that the situation is likely to become more severe. In this...

FMAPPROVAL 2510 - Flood Abatement Equipment
March 1, 2013 - FM

This standard encompasses the design and performance requirements for flood abatement equipment for use in controlling riverine or rainfall related flood conditions. Flood abatement equipment shall be FM Approved for specific flood protection applications which are...

Flood Damaged Property
January 1, 2008 - WILEY

With climate change and the development of property on flood plains, the flooding of buildings has become a considerable problem, both for property owners and their insurers. This book, based on extensive research, provides guidance on how to assess and repair flood damaged...

Repairing flood damage
November 1, 1997 - BRE

A set of four guides (4 pages in each part) dealing with repairs to damage caused by flooding. - Part 1. Immediate action. Part 2. Ground floors and basements. Part 3. Foundations and walls. Part 4. Services, secondary elements, finishes, fittings. - External flooding may immerse...

EP 1165-2-314 - FLOOD PROOFING
December 15, 1995 - ARMY
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UFGS-26 56 36.00 40 - FLOOD LIGHTING
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Flood Evaluation and Dam Safety
August 10, 2018 - CRC

Hydrology and dams are two fields that are obviously closely related. Four bulletins have so far been published by the Committee: Selection of Design Flood - Current methods, Dams and Floods - Guidelines and cases histories, Role of Dams in Flood Mitigation - A review and...

Flood Damage Survey and Assessment: New Insights from Research and Practice
July 1, 2017 - WILEY

Several scholars across the globe identified the present lack of high quality damage data as the main constraint to efficient risk mitigation. The need for a systematic collection of damage data in the aftermath of flood events come into light, thus the aim being the creation of...

GMW14723 - Elastomer for Return Flood Gate
August 1, 2016 - GMW

Material Description This standard covers the materials and performance of elastomers on return flood gates (fuel fill check valves) for fuel tank assemblies. Materials covered by this specification are divided into two (2) Types. Type A. Nitrile Rubber - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR)...

ASCE 24-05 - Flood Resistant Design and Construction
January 1, 2006 - ASCE

This standard provides minimum requirements for flood-resistant design and construction of structures that are subject to building code requirements and that are located, in whole or in part, in flood hazard areas. This standard applies to new construction that includes: (a) new...

ASCE 24-14 - Flood Resistant Design and Construction
January 1, 2014 - ASCE

This standard provides minimum requirements for fl ood resistant design and construction of structures that are subject to building code requirements and that are located, in whole or in part, in Flood Hazard Areas. This standard applies to the following: (1) new construction, including...

NG TS 2.10.13 - Technical Specifications - Flood Defences for Electricity Substations
December 1, 2014 - NG

PURPOSE AND SCOPE The purpose of this document is to detail National Grid's technical and procedural requirements for flood resilience of new and existing operational electricity substations. Operational compounds outside substations, such as cable sealing ends, are currently excluded from...

Structural Building Design: Wind and Flood Loads
October 25, 2018 - CRC

This book will cover the latest methods for the structural design to mitigate potential damage due to high-speed winds, storm surges, tornadoes, and inland flooding (all of which could be brought on by hurricane conditions). It will provide detailed explanations of the new ASCE 7-16 standard...

JIS F 8443 - Shipbuilding - flood lights
December 17, 2003 - JSA
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MS 17338 - LIGHT, FLOOD, 300 WATT
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Point Cloud Data Fusion for Enhancing 2D Urban Flood Modelling
August 2, 2017 - CRC

Modelling urban flood dynamics requires proper handling of a number of complex urban features. Although high-resolution topographic data can nowadays be obtained from aerial LiDAR surveys, such top-view LiDAR data still have difficulties to represent some key components of urban features....

Urban Flood Mitigation and Stormwater Management
May 8, 2017 - CRC

Features Focuses on sustainable drainage and flood management Covers normal drainage, and not simply extreme events Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides Heavily illustrated Strong practical guidance with case studies Summary Effective urban drainage to manage stormwater and control...

CSA Z800 - Guideline on basement flood protection and risk reduction
January 1, 2018 - CSA

General This Guideline covers measures to reduce the risks of basement flooding, and to mitigate the adverse effects on property, public safety, and public health in case of a flood event. It covers existing, new, rebuilt, and renovated houses in rural and urban settings. Buildings...