GMKOREA EDS-G-3501 - Bulb
November 1, 2012 - GMKOREA
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SAE ARP6259 - LED Replacement for Incandescent/Halogen Bulbs or Fluorescent Lamps Transport Category Aircraft and Rotorcraft
July 1, 2016 - SAE

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) establishes design and qualification guidance for interior aircraft lighting replacement of incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent light with LED lights.

October 27, 2008 - GMKOREA

PURPOSE Following test specification determines the requirements which must satisfy motor vehicle bulbs. In general the determinations of DIN-sheets of DIN 72601 and of the ECE-regulation 37 - bulbs - , which are stated in the table 11.1 for the individual lamp types and additionally...

September 30, 2010 - NPFC

This CID covers ready-to-use bulb onions (onions) packed in commercially acceptable containers, suitable for use by the Federal, State, local governments, and other interested parties

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SAE J1765 - SAE Miniature Bulb Vibration Test
June 1, 2012 - SAE

This SAE Recommended Practice was designed to be an accelerated vibration test that subjects bulbs to critical vibration/shock loading typically observed in normal vehicle service and can be employed for conformance of production (COP) testing. The test was designed for external vehicle...

EIA TEP 110 - Monochrome Cathode Ray Tube Bulb Criteria
October 1, 1985 - ECIA

The usual applicability of the five. General Quality Criteria is as established below: Criteria No. 1 - Monochrome (Black & White), entertainment, direct-view television picture tube bulbs. Criteria No. 2 - Earlier blown type industrial and military bulbs. Criteria No. 3 - Pressed...

ASABE D309 - Wet-Bulb Temperatures and Wet-Bulb Depressions
June 1, 1987 - ASABE

Purpose and Scope These data allow estimation of weather parameters for locations in the continental United States and southern Canada. The accompanying sets of maps show mean wet-bulb temperatures, mean wet-bulb depressions, and their standard deviations, in °C and in °F.

DS/IEC TR 60887 - Glass bulb designation system for lamps
July 8, 2011 - DS

This technical report describes a system of nomenclature that provides designations of the glass bulbs used as envelopes for electric lamps. The application of such designations is directed towards the descriptions of finished lamps.