NFPA 3 - Standard for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems
January 1, 2018 - NFPA

This standard shall provide the required procedures, methods, and documentation for the commissioning of active and passive fire protection and life safety systems and their interconnections with other building systems. Purpose. The purpose of this standard is to provide the minimum requirements...

NSF 3 - Commercial Warewashing Equipment
April 11, 2017 - NSF

This Standard applies to commercial dishwashing, glasswashing, and pot, pan, and utensil washing machines that wash their contents by applying sprays of detergent solutions with or without blasting media granules, and sanitize their contents by applying sprays of hot water or chemical sanitizing...

SES 3 - Recommended Practice for Joint Standards Development
January 1, 2016 - SES

This recommended practice provides guidance on the development of Joint Standards among two or more organizations. For the purpose of this document, the involved organizations are referred to as Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) although other types of organizations may be involved. This...

BICSI 003 - Building Information Modeling (BIM) Practices for Information Technology Systems
January 1, 2014 - BICSI

The request and adoption of building information modeling (BIM) for information technology systems (ITS) projects has been steadily increasing in recent years. Architectural, engineering, and construction firms all differ in what they require and ultimately provide their client. When combined with...

IES RP-3 - American National Standard Practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities
July 16, 2013 - IES

INTRODUCTION Lighting is a critical element in the school environment. Lighting can influence behavior1,2, satisfaction3, psychological responses to a space and task performance , communication and interest , visual comfort and safety and security, while defining space and architecture. Learning...

GME 00003 - General Requirements for Hot Stamped Foiling on Plastic Components
November 1, 2012 - GME

Hot stamped foil finishes on plastic components used for vehicle interior and exterior applications.

NFPA 3 HDBK - Commissioning and Integrated System Testing Handbook
January 1, 2012 - NFPA

This recommended practice provides the recommended procedures, methods, and documentation for commissioning and integrated testing of active and passive fire protection and life safety systems and their interconnections with other building systems. Special emphasis should be placed on the phrase...

NCSL RP-3 - Preparation of Calibration Procedures
January 1, 2007 - NCSL
A description is not available for this item.
UL 3 - UL Standard for Safety Flexible Nonmetallic Tubing for Electric Wiring
November 12, 1999 - UL

These requirements cover woven flexible nonmetallic tubing (fiber loom) to be employed as mechanical protection for insulated wires in accordance with the National Electrical Code. These requirements do not cover coated electrical sleeving or thermoplastic insulating tubing. These requirements...

CTI CHAPTER 3 - Cooling Tower Performance Variables
March 1, 1998 - CTI
A description is not available for this item.
VITA 3 - Board Level Live Insertion
January 1, 1995 - VITA

This standard defines several methodologies for using VMEbus modules in a live insertion framework.

HI/HYDRON 003 - S-40 Snow Melting Calculation and Installation
January 1, 1993 - HI/HYDRON
A description is not available for this item.
GOST 3 - Surgical rubber gloves. Specifications
July 1, 1989 - GOST
A description is not available for this item.
AATCC 3 - Colorfastness to Bleaching with Chlorine
January 1, 1989 - AATCC
A description is not available for this item.
June 1, 1988 - API
A description is not available for this item.
SFSA 3 - Ultrasonic Testing of Steel Castings
January 1, 1976 - SFSA

PREFACE Ultrasonic flaw detection is a method of nondestructive testing that is finding increasing acceptance in the United States. This growth in the application of ultrasonics is intimately tied to the field of fracture mechanics and the scientifically based approaches to designing against...

ISO 3 - Preferred Numbers - Series of Preferred Numbers
January 1, 1973 - ISO

SCOPE AND FIELD OF APPLICATION This International Standard specifies series of preferred numbers.

API STD 3 - Specification for Cable-Drilling tools
May 1, 1955 - API

1.This specification covers dimensional requirements on rope sockets (including swivel sockets) and jars, also threaded connections for these and other cable-drilling tools (see Fig. 1 for illustration of typical string). It covers also requirements on gaging practice for the connections, including...