January 3, 2018 - NPFC

Use/Relationship: The Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest shall provide the government with evidence of waste disposal at government installation. This data item description (DID) contains the format and content preparation instructions for the data product generated by the...

Hazardous Waste Minimization Handbook
November 29, 2017 - CRC

This book, designed to assist industrial engineers and managers in making changes in purchasing, manufacturing, and waste handling practices to reduce the costs and liabilities of waste disposal, begins by defining waste minimization in the first two chapters. A description of...

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Managing Industrial Hazardous Waste - A Practical Handbook
November 29, 2017 - CRC

Here is your new handbook full of information and guidance necessary to understand and comply with the myriad and complex hazardous waste regulations. This handbook explains the regulations regarding identification and listing of hazardous wastes, walks the reader...

DI-MGMT-82129 - Hazardous Waste Report
June 8, 2017 - NPFC
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Handbook of Incineration of Hazardous Wastes (1991)
September 20, 2017 - CRC

Hazardous waste incineration technologies have been developed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market that has been created by the proliferation of hazardous waste in modern society. These hazardous wastes are continuously produced as by-products of...

Handbook of Advanced Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Management
October 26, 2017 - CRC

Preface Environmental managers, engineers, and scientists who have had experience with industrial and hazardous waste management problems have noted the need for a handbook series that is comprehensive in its scope, directly applicable to daily waste management problems of...

Hazardous and Industrial Wastes: Proceedings of the Thirty-Third Mid-Atlantic Industrial and Hazardous Waste Conference
November 29, 2017 - CRC

The Mid-Atlantic Industrial and Hazardous Waste Conference is an annual meeting that brings together engineering and science professional from academia, government, and industry. This text presents the presentations made at this event.

ASTM D6235 - Standard Practice for Expedited Site Characterization of Vadose Zone and Ground Water Contamination at Hazardous Waste Contaminated Sites
December 15, 2018 - ASTM

Applicability of the ESC Process-This practice covers a process for expedited site characterization (ESC) of hazardous waste contaminated sites2 to identify vadose zone, groundwater and other relevant contaminant migration pathways and determine the distribution, concentration, and...

ASTM D6346 - Standard Guide for Accepting, Segregating, and Packaging Materials Collected Through Household Hazardous Waste Programs
May 1, 2017 - ASTM

This guide covers Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) programs for accepting, segregating, and packaging materials collected through HHW programs to minimize the risk associated with managing these materials and to identify applicable regulations. This guide does not address storing,...

ASTM D5530 - Standard Test Method for Total Moisture of Hazardous Waste Fuel by Karl Fischer Titrimetry
September 1, 2015 - ASTM

This test method covers the determination by Karl Fischer (KF) titrimetry of total moisture in solid or liquid hazardous waste fuels used by industrial furnaces. This test method has been used successfully on numerous samples of hazardous waste fuel composed of solvents,...

Hazardous Waste Site Remediation
August 19, 1993 - CRC

Hazardous Waste Site Remediation is an outstanding textbook that reviews specific treatment processes, as well as pertinent basic concepts in organic geochemistry, material balance mass transfer, thermodynamics, and kinetics. Following a quantitative approach to source control, the...

ASTM D5830 - Standard Test Method for Solvents Analysis in Hazardous Waste Using Gas Chromatography
May 1, 2014 - ASTM

This test method is used to determine qualitatively and quantitatively the presence of the following compounds in waste samples using gas chromatography. This test method is designed for use as a screening method with a typical reporting level of 0.1 %. This compound list is a compilation of...

Industrial Ecology: Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Waste
February 1, 1999 - WILEY

Industrial ecology may be a relatively new concept - yet it's already proven instrumental for solving a wide variety of problems involving pollution and hazardous waste, especially where available material resources have been limited. By treating industrial systems in a manner that...

ASTM D5839 - Standard Test Method for Trace Element Analysis of Hazardous Waste Fuel by Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
May 1, 2015 - ASTM

This test method applies to the determination of trace element concentrations by energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry in typical liquid hazardous waste fuels (LHWF) used by industrial furnaces. This test method has been used successfully on numerous samples of...

Fundamentals of Hazardous Waste Site Remediation
August 31, 1998 - CRC

Every practicing environmental engineer should already have a firm grasp on the basics of hazardous waste site remediation-the key to confronting a site problem, and devising an effective solution. Since their original introduction to remediation, technology has kept moving ahead with...

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Manual
January 1, 2006 - WILEY

Field technicians and emergency response personnel are often faced with the dangers of flammable, combustible, and chemically unstable materials. Although there are numerous procedures set forth by regulatory agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental...

CSA Z752 - Definition of Household Hazardous Waste
January 1, 2003 - CSA

General This Standard defines those household wastes that present significant risks to humans or the environment when disposed of in one or more systems within the regular domestic waste stream. This Standard can be used to (a) guide product development; (b) develop communication...