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ISO/IEC/IEEE 16085 - Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Risk management
January 1, 2021 - ISO

Overview This document: - provides risk management elaborations for the processes described in ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207, - provides the users of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288, ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 and their associated elaboration standards with common...

ISO/IEC 23531 - Systems and software engineering — Capabilities of issue management tools
December 1, 2020 - ISO

This document defines the capabilities of issue management tools and is used to select the most appropriate one from many issue management tools. The evaluation and selection of the issue management tools is performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 20741 which defines the...

ISO/IEC 29110-4-2 - Systems and software engineering — Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) — Part 4-2: Software engineering: Profile specifications: Organizational management profile group
March 1, 2021 - ISO

This document provides a profile specification for the organizational management profile. The organizational management profile applies to VSEs involved in systems engineering and/or software engineering development. This document provides links to the subset of...

ISO/IEC 5055 - Information technology — Software measurement — Software quality measurement — Automated source code quality measures
March 1, 2021 - ISO

Purpose The measures in this standard were calculated from detecting and counting violations of good architectural and coding practices in the source code that could result in unacceptable operational risks or excessive costs. Establishing standards for these measures at the source code level is...

ISO/IEC/IEEE 24748-3 - Systems and software engineering — Life cycle management — Part 3: Guidelines for the application of ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 (software life cycle processes)
October 1, 2020 - ISO

This document is a guideline for the application of ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2017. This document establishes guidance to implement a common framework for software life cycle processes, with well-defined terminology, that can be referenced by the software industry. This document...

ISO/IEC DIS 29110-6-1 - Systems and software engineering — Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) — Part 6-1: Software engineering — Specific Space Profile Specifications
January 18, 2021 - ISO

Industry and large organisations recognize the value of VSEs, i.e. enterprises, organisations (e.g. government agency, non-profit organization), projects or departments with up to 25 people, in contributing with emerging new technology that bigger organisations cannot use them as easily nor...

ISO 23903 - Health informatics — Interoperability and integration reference architecture – Model and framework
April 1, 2021 - ISO

This document enables the advancement of interoperability from the data/information exchange paradigm to knowledge sharing at decreasing level of abstraction, starting at IT concept level (semantic coordination) through business domain concept level (agreed service function level...

ISO TS 22756 - Health Informatics — Requirements for a knowledge base for clinical decision support systems to be used in medication-related processes
September 1, 2020 - ISO

This document specifies the requirements for developing a knowledge base for drug-related problems that cohere with the intended drug use, to be used in rule-based clinical decision support systems (CDSS), such as the criteria for selecting a raw data source and the quality criteria for the...

ISO/IEC/IEEE 16326 - Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Project management
December 1, 2019 - ISO

Purpose This document is intended to aid project managers in managing to successful conclusion those projects concerned with systems, including software systems. This document specifies the required content of the project management plan (PMP). This document also quotes the extracted...

ISO/IEC TS 25025 - Information technology — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Measurement of IT service quality
March 1, 2021 - ISO

This document defines quality measures useful for requirements and evaluation of IT service quality in terms of characteristics and sub-characteristics defined in ISO/IEC TS 25011. This document contains a basic set of quality measures for each characteristic and sub-characteristic. This...

ISO TR 22428-1 - Managing records in cloud computing environments — Part 1: Issues and concerns
September 1, 2020 - ISO

This document presents a model for cloud records management and outlines the risks and issues that are considered by records managers before adopting cloud services for records management. The model for cloud records management includes a stakeholder model, processes, metadata,...

ISO DIS 9564-5 - Financial services — Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security — Part 5: Methods for the generation, change, and verification of PINs and card security data using the advanced encryption standard
April 14, 2021 - ISO

This document provides requirements and guidance for methods of Issuer PIN Management using AES. It additionally defines a method for generating and verifying Card Security Codes using AES. The processes defined in this Standard (in order as presented) are: - PIN Generation - PIN Change -...

ISO DIS 5383 - Agricultural tyres for lawn and garden tractors — 3-part code designated tyres
April 5, 2021 - ISO

A paragraph. This document establishes the designation, the dimensions, the approved rim contours and the load ratings for 3-part code designated tyres in diagonal or radial construction for lawn, garden tractors and agricultural machines, with a nominal rim diameter code 18 and below.

ISO 27269 - Health informatics — International patient summary
April 1, 2021 - ISO

This document defines the core data set for a patient summary document that supports continuity of care for a person and coordination of their healthcare. It is specifically aimed at supporting the use case' scenario for 'unplanned, cross border care' and is intended to be an international patient...

ISO/IEC 24800-2 - Information technology — JPSearch — Part 2: Registration, identification and management of schema and ontology
April 1, 2021 - ISO

This document specifies a series of interfaces to allow disparate systems an interoperable management of image repositories. It also specifies the general rules which govern the usage of metadata in JPSearch and provides a specification which - provides rules for the representation of image...