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BS 3936-2 - Nursery stock - Part 2: Specification for Roses
April 30, 1990 - BSI

Requirements for rose plants propagated by any method. Excludes roses grown purely for indoor use.

BS 3936-9 - Nursery Stock Part 9: Specification for Bulbs, Corms, and Tubers
April 15, 1998 - BSI
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BS 3936-1 - Nursery stock - Part 1: Specification for trees and shrubs
January 31, 1992 - BSI

Conifers and woody climbing plants, suitable to be transplanted and grown for ornament or amenity. Root systems, condition, dimensions, labelling, forms and dimensions. Examples of plants appended for information

BS 3936-3 - Nursery Stock - Part 3: Specification for Fruit Plants
May 31, 1990 - BSI

Also gives details for specific plants.

BS 3936-10 - Nursery stock - Part 10: Specification for ground cover plants
April 30, 1990 - BSI

Root system, condition, dimensions, designation and labelling with information on whether plants are deciduous, evergreen or herbaceous.

BS 3936-7 - Nursery Stock - Part 7: Specification for Bedding Plants
February 28, 1989 - BSI

Applies to the most common ranges of ornamental plants and vegetables grown and sold for planting out directly into open ground.

BS 3936-5 - Nursery stock. Part 5: Specification for poplars and willows
December 31, 1985 - BSI

Specifies requirements for dimensions, shoot condition and marking for plants to be grown for timber production, shelter belts or for amenity.

BS 3936-11 - Nursery Stock - Part 11: Specification for Container-Grown Culinary Herbs
January 31, 1984 - BSI

Definition, requirements for root-system, dimensions, designation and labelling. Appendix gives common and botanical names of 30 plants and indicates whether they are annual, biennial or perennial and hardy or half-hardy.

BS 3936-4 - Nursery Stock Part 4: Specification for Forest Trees, Poplars and willows
June 29, 2007 - BSI
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Prospects and Utilization of Tropical Plantation Trees
November 7, 2019 - CRC

Large numbers of tropical trees from natural forests or plantation forest are available for human consumption and management. This book focuses on the prospects and utilization of tropical plantation trees in context of economic and business, planting, managing stocks, and uses of trees converted...