DIN 19267 - pH measurement - Technical buffer solutions, preferably for the calibration of technical measuring installations
August 1, 2012 - DIN

This standard specifies requirements for technical buffer solutions. These buffer solutions are preferably used for the calibration and adjustment of technical pH measuring equipment and of pH meters in company laboratories. Measuring methods are recommended by means of...

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DIN 19266 - pH measurement - Reference buffer solutions for the calibration of pH measuring equipment
May 1, 2015 - DIN

This standard specifies reference buffer solutions for the calibration of pH measuring equipment.

DEF STAN 68-259 - Buffer Solution pH 7.0 for use in Detector Kits
March 27, 2009 - MODUK

This Defence Standard specifies requirements fora buffer solution for use in various Detector Kits, Chemical Agent

DSF/FPRCEN/TS 17338 - Liming materials – Determination of the lime requirement in soil – Ammonium acetate buffer method pH 5,5

This document specifies a method for the determination of the lime requirement of acid soils to target pH levels at requested time of maintenance as determined by reaction with 0,1 mol/l ammonium acetate pH 5,5. Due to general soil buffering systems, the method is applicable to...

ASTM E1910/E1910M - Standard Test Method for Agricultural pH Control Agents, Measurement of pH Change and Buffering Capacity
October 1, 2015 - ASTM

These test methods cover determining if an adjuvant meets the definitions of an acidifier, a basic blend, alkalinity agent, or buffer in Terminology E1519. The values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. The values stated in each system may...

GOST 17227 - pH-measuring. Tablets for preparing the working buffer solutions
October 14, 1971 - GOST
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JIS A 4306 - Buffer for elevators
March 25, 2016 - JSA

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies safety conditions for buffers installed in traction type elevators, winding drum type elevators and hydraulic elevators.

August 8, 1986 - NPFC

This specification covers reagents for use in checking the quality of water testing chemicals and equipments used in boiler powered ships. Standard reagents shall be of the following classes, as specified (see 6.3). Class e - Standard hardness solution, 0.20 equivalent per million (e/m hardness)....

BS 4279 - Methods of test for urea
February 16, 1968 - BSI

Determination of total nitrogen, water, sulphated ash, iron, chloride, sulphate and biuret; measurement of pH value, determination of buffer value, variation of pH in the presence of formaldehyde solution, and colour of urea-formaldehyde solution.

April 14, 1986 - NPFC

The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description. This commercial item description covers a standard buffer solution used as a calibration reference for blood gas analyzers.

ASTM D1293 - Standard Test Methods for pH of Water
January 15, 2018 - ASTM

These test methods cover the determination of pH by electrometric measurement using the glass electrode as the sensor. Two test methods are given as follows Test Method A covers the precise measurement of pH in water utilizing at least two of seven standard reference buffer...

JEDEC JESD 82-20 - FBDIMM Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB)
March 1, 2009 - JEDEC

This document is a core specification for a Fully Buffered DIMM (FBD) memory system. This document, along with the other core specifications, must be treated as a whole. Information critical to a Advanced Memory Buffer design appears in the other specifications, with specific...