ATIS 1000116 - Signalling System Number 7 (SS7) – Operations, Maintenance, and Administration Park (OMAP)
February 1, 2000 - ATIS

Introduction This series of standards on the Operations, Maintenance, and Administration Part (OMAP) define the functions, procedures, and entities for managing the Signalling System Number 7 (SS7) network. The management functions of SS7 are divided into three main parts: a) management...

CSA Z241 SERIES - Park model trailers
January 1, 2003 - CSA

Requirement Specification This Standard specifies vehicular requirements for park model trailers, including minimum requirements for the coupling and the tongue or A-frame, and for the running gear of the trailer. Standard Application This Standard applies to park model trailers...

DS/EN 13814 - Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures - Safety
February 2, 2005 - DS

This document specifies the minimum requirements necessary to ensure the safe design, calculation, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation, examination and testing of the following: mobile, temporary or permanently installed machinery and structures e. g. roundabouts, swings,...

SAE J2208 - Park Standard for Automatic Transmissions
May 1, 2016 - SAE

To provide a Recommended Practice for validating the function and integrity of an automatic transmission park mechanism with its associated control system and environment. Purpose To define the requirements for parking mechanisms of automatic transmissions through evaluation in designated...

GME 01202 PART 5 - Mirrors/Outside Mirrors with Park Position
June 14, 2011 - GME

General Outside mirrors with park position must fulfill the requirements according to part 1, clause 8 and clause 1 of parts 2, 3 and 4. The outside mirrors may be brought into parking position = rear unlocked position, electrically and/or mechanically folded against driving direction,...

GMW17397 - Park Subsystem Abuse
May 1, 2017 - GMW
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GMW17838 - Park Subsystem Durability Test
May 1, 2017 - GMW
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GMW16589 - Park Brake Torque Reversal
January 1, 2017 - GMW
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BS 3632 - Residential park homes – Specification
November 30, 2015 - BSI
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GMN5165 - RPA – Rear Park Assist
April 1, 2011 - GMNA
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APA W140 - Case Study: Park 277
November 1, 1996 - APA

A panelized all-wood roof is used in this large warehouse complex

ASTM F3237 - Standard Terminology Relating to Snow Sport Freestyle Terrain Park Jumps
February 1, 2018 - ASTM

This terminology covers the terms required to describe a cross sectional profile of a snow sport freestyle terrain park jump and does not cover any other terrain park feature. The terms are presented in a sequence considered to be the most logical with definitions presented later...

NFPA 1194 - Standard for Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds
January 1, 2018 - NFPA

This standard shall provide minimum construction requirements for safety and health for occupants using facilities supplied by recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds offering temporary living sites for use by recreational vehicles, park model recreational vehicles, and other...

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ITU-T H.450.5 - Call park and call pickup supplementary services in ITU-T H.323 systems
March 1, 2013 - ITU-T

This Recommendation describes the Call Park (SS-PARK) and the Call Pickup (SS-PICKUP) supplementary services that are applicable to various basic services supported by ITU-T H.323 endpoints.

SAE J2703 - Cranes—Access and Egress
October 1, 2008 - SAE

This recommended practice specifies criteria for steps, stairways, ladders, walkways, platforms, handrails, handholds, guardrails and entrance openings which permit access to and from operator, inspection or maintenance platforms on mobile cranes parked in accordance with the...

ASTM F2970 - Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Major Modification of Trampoline Courts
December 1, 2017 - ASTM

The purpose of this practice is to delineate requirements regarding the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and major modification of commercial or institutional trampoline courts with the primary purpose of amusement, entertainment or recreation. This...

ISO TR 24679-3 - Fire safety engineering - Performance of structure in fire - Part 3: Example of an open car park
August 1, 2015 - ISO

This Technical Report provides a fire safety engineering application relative to fire resistance assessment of an open car park according to the methodology given in ISO/TS 24679. This report describes the adopted process which followed the same step by step procedure as that given within...