Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Solids
July 27, 2009 - CRC

Using clear and practical examples, Polymorphism of Pharmaceutical Solids, Second Edition presents a comprehensive examination of polymorphic behavior in pharmaceutical development that is ideal for pharmaceutical development scientists and graduate students in...

Pharmaceutical Blending and Mixing
July 1, 2015 - WILEY

Written in four parts, this book provides a dedicated and in-depth reference for blending within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. It links the science of blending with regulatory requirements associated with pharmaceutical manufacture. The contributors are a combination of...

Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry
January 1, 2010 - WILEY

Covering the whole area of process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, this monograph provides the essential knowledge on the basic chemistry needed for future development and key industrial techniques, as well as morphology, engineering and regulatory compliances. Application-oriented...

Pharmaceutical Calculations
February 1, 2017 - WILEY
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Pharmaceutical Applications of Membrane Sensors
December 8, 2017 - CRC

A one-of-a-kind book discussing drug-membrane sensors in pharmaceutical analysis Pharmaceutical Applications of Membrane Sensors is the first book to deal with the theory of drug-membrane sensors, as well as applications of such devices in pharmaceutical analysis. The book...

Pharmaceutical Project Management
March 17, 2008 - CRC

Encompassing the full spectrum of project management's role and responsibility encountered in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical Project Management outlines the key objectives, risks, and challenges of each stage of the pharmaceutical lifecycle, from discovery and...

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Capsules
November 2, 2017 - CRC

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Capsules covers the development, composition, and manufacture of capsules. Despite the important role that capsules play in drug delivery and product development, few comprehensive texts on the science and technology of capsules have been available for the...

Pharmaceutical Experimental Design
September 10, 1998 - CRC

This useful reference describes the statistical planning and design of pharmaceutical experiments, covering all stages in the development process-including preformulation, formulation, process study and optimization, scale-up, and robust process and formulation development.Shows how to...

Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology
November 30, 2000 - CRC

Pharmaceutical packaging requires a greater knowledge of materials and a greater intensity of testing than most other packed products, not to mention a sound knowledge of pharmaceutical products and an understanding of regulatory requirements. Structured to meet the needs of the...

Computational Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry
April 1, 2016 - WILEY

"This book is the first to combine computational material science and modeling of molecular solid states for pharmaceutical industry applications. • Provides descriptive and applied state-of-the-art computational approaches and workflows to guide pharmaceutical solid state chemistry...

Current Research in Pharmaceutical Technology
December 15, 2011 - CRC

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. Pharmaceutical technology deals with the discovery, production, processing, and safe and effective delivery of medications to patients. Technologies involved include computer modeling for research, bioengineering for research...

Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing
July 8, 2005 - CRC

An expertly written source on the devices, systems, and technologies used in the dissolution testing of oral pharmaceutical dosage forms, this reference provides reader-friendly chapters on currently utilized equipment, equipment qualification, consideration of the gastrointestinal...

Nuclear Medicine in Pharmaceutical Research
February 10, 1999 - CRC

This text defines the role and scope of nuclear medicine imaging techniques (gamma scintigraphy) in pharmaceutical research, giving information from clinical trial data.

Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems
November 24, 1999 - CRC

This cutting-edge reference clearly explains pharmaceutical transport phenomena, demonstrating applications ranging from drug or nutrient uptake into vesicle or cell suspensions, drug dissolution and absorption across biological membranes, whole body kinetics, and drug release from polymer...

Good Pharmaceutical Freeze-Drying Practice
June 30, 1997 - CRC

This text is devoted to pharmaceutical freeze-drying in all its forms and in all its technological variations. Whether you freeze-dry nonsterile tablets or you lyophilize injectables, this book covers all the technological and regulatory requirements. Written by a panel of leading...

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology
November 24, 2009 - CRC

The Third Edition presents all pharmaceutical industry personnel and those in academia with critical updates on the recent advances in granulation technology and changes in FDA regulatory guidelines. Addressing precisely how these recent innovations and revisions affect unit operation of...

Pharmaceutical Industry Practices on Genotoxic Impurities
August 29, 2014 - CRC

A great deal of confusion and uncertainty over genotoxic impurity (GTI) identification, assessment, and control exists in the pharmaceutical industry today. Pharmaceutical Industry Practices on Genotoxic Impurities strives to facilitate scientific and systematic consensus on GTI...

November 15, 2018 - WILEY
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Voigt's Pharmaceutical Technology
May 1, 2018 - WILEY
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Biology and Ecology of Pharmaceutical Marine Plants
June 12, 2018 - CRC

Marine plants such as algae (blue-green algae and seaweeds), seagrasses, mangrove plants, salt-tolerant or salt-loving plants (halophytes) and coastal sand dune plants are known to generate approximately 70% of oxygen on earth, and help regulate oxygen in the atmosphere. These plants are potential...