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Industrial Pigging Technology
January 1, 2003 - WILEY

Pigs are snug-fitting plus which are able to perform various maintenance tasks such as cleaning or removing deposits or blockages in pipe and pipeline systems from the inside. A gaseous or liquid propellant is used to push the pig through the system. This strategy avoids...

January 1, 2003 - CLARION
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Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Technology
January 1, 2013 - CLARION
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DIN 2430-2 - Piping for pigging systems - Part 2: Pipe joints
February 1, 2009 - DIN
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DIN 2430-1 - Piping for pigging systems - Part 1: Straight pipes and elbows
February 1, 2009 - DIN
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Pig Health
May 4, 2018 - CRC

Maintaining the health of pigs is vital in pig farming and production. This new book written by experts from around the world focuses on the health of pigs, first with coverage of the disorders of pigs organised by clinical sign and body system. The book explores...

Achieving sustainable production of pig meat Volume 2: Animal breeding and nutrition
October 9, 2017 - CRC

Pig meat is the most widely-consumed meat in the world. Previous growth in production has relied, in part, on more intensive systems. In meeting rising demand, these systems face challenges such as the ongoing threat of zoonotic diseases, the need to improve feed efficiency in...

Achieving sustainable production of pig meat Volume 1: Safety, quality and sustainability
June 8, 2018 - CRC

This volume looks first at the main zoonoses affecting pigs and how they can be controlled. It then reviews the latest research on aspects of meat quality such as flavour, colour, texture and nutritional quality. Finally, it assesses ways of monitoring and reducing the environmental impact...

Non-Traditional Feeds for Use in Swine Production (1992)
September 28, 2017 - CRC

Feed represents the single greatest expense associated with bringing pigs to market weight. Therefore, if you can reduce the cost of feeding without detriment to pig performance, the economics of swine production will improve. The ingredient list for swine rations has become fairly...

DS/EN 10001 - Definition and classification of pig-irons
June 22, 1992 - DS

The purpose of the standard is to standardize the definition of pig-irons and to standardize the sub-division of pig-irons into different classes.

SAE AMS-L-18331 - Lead Alloy Pig
April 1, 2017 - SAE

This specification covers pigs of one type of lead alloy used in the making of forming dies

July 25, 2012 - FORD

The material defined by this specification is a low tin, high lead alloying pig.

Pig Design Patterns
April 17, 2014 - PACKT

A comprehensive practical guide that walks you through the multiple stages of data management in enterprise and gives you numerous design patterns with appropriate code examples to solve frequent problems in each of these stages. The chapters are organized to mimick the sequential data flow...

SAE AMS4750 - Solder, Tin-Lead 45Sn - 55Pb
April 1, 2017 - SAE

Form This specification covers a tin-lead solder in the form of wire, strip, bars, and pigs Application Primarily for bit soldering or sweating joints in plain, tinned, or galvanized iron or steel, copper, and copper alloys

BS 5502-42 - Buildings and structures for agriculture - Part 42: Code of practice for design and construction of pig buildings
December 31, 1990 - BSI

For buildings used for the housing of pigs including sows and litters.

November 1, 1982 - FORD

The material described by this standard is a class of pig iron suitable for foundry use.

DNVGL-RP-G101 - Risk based inspection of offshore topsides static mechanical equipment
July 1, 2017 - DNVGL

This recommended practice is primarily intended to be used for the planning of in-service inspection for offshore topsides static mechanical pressure systems when considering failures by loss of containment of the pressure envelope. Failure modes, such as failure to operate on demand,...

SAE AMS4185 - Filler Metal, Aluminum Brazing 12Si
April 1, 2019 - SAE

Form This specification covers an aluminum alloy in the form of wire, sheet, foil, pig, grains, shot, and chips. Application This material has been used typically for joining aluminum by brazing, particularly by molten flux (dip) brazing procedure, but usage is not limited to such...