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ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148 - Systems and software engineering - Life cycle processes - Requirements engineering
November 1, 2018 - ISO

This document: - specifies the required processes implemented in the engineering activities that result in requirements for systems and software products (including services) throughout the life cycle; - provides guidelines for applying the requirements and requirements-related processes...

ISO/IEC/IEEE DIS 16326 - Systems and software engineering - Life cycle processes - Project management
October 25, 2018 - ISO

Purpose This document is intended to aid project managers in managing to successful conclusion those projects concerned with software-intensive systems and software products. This document specifies the required content of the project management plan (PMP). This document also...

ISO/IEC DIS 25030 - Systems and software engineering - Systems and software quality requirements and evaluation (SQuaRE) - Quality requirements framework
October 30, 2018 - ISO

This document provides the framework for quality requirements for systems, software products and data, which includes concept of the quality requirements, and requirements and recommendations for the processes and methods to elicit, define, use and govern them. Intended readers of this...

ISO/IEC/IEEE 24748-2 - Systems and software engineering - Life cycle management - Part 2: Guidelines for the application of ISO/ IEC/IEEE 15288 (System life cycle processes)
December 1, 2018 - ISO

This document is a guideline for the application of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015. It addresses system, life cycle, organizational, project, and process, concept application, principally through reference to ISO/IEC/IEEE 24748-1 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015. It gives guidance on...

ISO/IEC/IEEE FDIS 82079-1 - Preparation of information for use (instructions for use) of products - Part 1: Principles and general requirements
December 21, 2018 - ISO

This part of 82079 International Standard provides principles and general requirements for information for the use of products. Information for use is: • necessary for the safe use of a product; • helpful for the efficient and effective use of a product; and • often necessary to fulfil market,...

ISO/IEC/IEEE DIS 15289 - Systems and software engineering - Content of life-cycle information items (documentation)
August 9, 2018 - ISO

This document specifies the purpose and content of all identified systems and software life‐cycle and service management information items (documentation). The information item contents are defined according to generic document types, as presented in Clause 7, and the specific purpose of the...

ISO DIS 439 - Steel and cast irons - Determination of silicon content - Gravimetric method
February 7, 2019 - ISO

This International Standard specifies a gravimetric method for the determination of the silicon content in steels and cast irons. The method is applicable to silicon contents between 0,10 % (mass fraction) and 5,0 % {mass fraction). NOTE For samples containing molybdenum, niobium, tantalum,...

ISO/IEC/IEEE FDIS 24748-7 - Systems and software engineering - Life cycle management - Part 7: Application of systems engineering on defense programs
August 6, 2018 - ISO

This standard establishes the requirements for systems engineering activities to be performed on projects of the United States (US) Department of Defense (DoD) and other defense agencies across the entire system life cycle, including the planning, acquisition, modification, and sustainment...

ISO DIS 21572 - Foodstuffs - Molecular biomarker analysis - Proteinbased methods
January 24, 2019 - ISO

This International Standard provides general guidelines and performance criteria for immunochemical methods for the detection and/or quantification of a specific protein or protein(s) of interest [POI(s)] in a specified matrix. The methods discussed are applicable to analysis of a variety of...

ISO DIS 13400-2 - Road vehicles - Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol (DoIP) - Part 2: Transport protocol and network layer services
January 15, 2019 - ISO

Overview This document specifies the requirements for secured and unsecured diagnostic communication between client DoIP entity and server(s) installed in the vehicle using Internet Protocol (IP) as well as the transmission control protocol (TCP) and user datagram protocol (UDP). This includes the...

ISO DIS 19744-1 - Test conditions for numerically controlled broaching machines - Testing of the accuracy - Part 1: Vertical surface type broaching machines
January 15, 2019 - ISO

This document specifies, with reference to ISO 230-1, the geometric tests on numerically controlled (NC) broaching machines of normal accuracy, with vertical axis acting for cutting operation. The accuracy of rotary axes, if available, is checked with reference to ISO 230-7. This...

ISO DIS 5840-2 - Cardiovascular implants - Cardiac valve prostheses - Part 2: Surgically implanted heart valve substitutes
January 14, 2019 - ISO

This part of ISO 5840 is applicable to heart valve substitutes intended for implantation in human hearts, generally requiring cardiopulmonary bypass and generally with direct visualization. See Annex E for examples of surgical heart valve substitutes and their components. This part of...

ISO FDIS 20739 - Martial arts - Wushu Taiji clothing - Requirements and test method
January 2, 2019 - ISO

This document specifies classifications, requirements and test methods of Wushu Taiji clothing for performing the Wushu Taiji sport. This document is applicable to the Wushu Taiji clothing made of textile fabrics for adult users.

ISO FDIS 37104 - Sustainable cities and communities - Transforming our cities - Guidance for practical local implementation of ISO 37101
December 28, 2018 - ISO

This document provides guidance on how to implement and maintain a management system for sustainable development based on ISO 37101 principles, specifically in the context of cities, but applicable to other forms of settlement. This document: - provides guidance for practical implementation...

ISO FDIS 21115 - Water quality - Determination of acute toxicity of water samples and chemicals to a fish gill cell-line (RTgill-W1)
December 28, 2018 - ISO

This document specifies a method for the determination of fish acute toxicity using the permanent cell line from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) gill, RTgill-W1. Cells in confluent monolayers in 24- well tissue culture plates are exposed to water samples, such as surface waters or different...

ISO FDIS 3015 - Petroleum and related products from natural or synthetic sources - Determination of cloud point
December 28, 2018 - ISO

This document specifies a method for the determination of the cloud point of petroleum products which are transparent in layers 40 mm in thickness and have a cloud point below 49 °C., amongst which are diesel fuels with up to 30 % (V/V) of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME)[2], paraffinic diesel fuels...

ISO FDIS 3016 - Petroleum and related products from natural or synthetic sources - Determination of pour point
December 28, 2018 - ISO

This document specifies a method for the determination of the pour point of petroleum products. A separate procedure suitable for the determination of the lower pour point of fuel oils, heavy lubricant base stock, and products containing residual fuel components is also described. The procedure...

ISO DIS 16478 - Thermal insulation products for buildings - Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) - Products specification
December 28, 2018 - ISO

This document defines requirements for vacuum insulation panels (VIP), with silica or glass fibre core, which are used as thermal insulation of buildings. This document outlines required product properties, their performance, test methods and rules for conformity evaluations, identification and...

ISO FDIS 178 - Plastics - Determination of flexural properties
December 28, 2018 - ISO

This International Standard specifies a method for determining the flexural properties of rigid (see 3.12) and semi-rigid plastics under defined conditions. A standard test specimen is defined, but parameters are included for alternative specimen sizes for use where appropriate. A range of test...