DIN EN ISO 10297 - Gas cylinders - Cylinder valves - Specification and type testing (ISO 10297:2014, Corrected Version 2014-11-01 + Amd.1:2017) (includes Amendment :2017)
December 1, 2017 - DIN

This International Standard specifies design, type testing and marking requirements for: a) cylinder valves intended to be fitted to refillable transportable gas cylinders; b) main valves (excluding ball valves) for cylinder bundles; c) cylinder valves or main...

Cement Manufacturer's Handbook
April 7, 1979 - CPC

This unique handbook contains the most essential engineering formulas used in the cement manufacturing process. All formulas are presented in both English and metric systems of units. Examples are given to familiarize the reader with the usefulness of these formulas. The book can be used as a text...