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RTCA DO-229 TOOL - DO-229E Tool - GEO Bias Tool for DO-229E
December 15, 2016 - RTCA

The GEO Bias tool is a MATLAB script. The GEO Bias tool is intended to be used by the manufacturer to demonstrate that their GNSS receiver is compliant with the GEO Bias requirements in DO-229E as described in section Appendix T in DO-229E provides a description of this...

ISO DIS 26683-3 - Intelligent transport systems - Freight land conveyance content identification and communication - Part 3: Monitoring cargo condition information during transport
September 7, 2018 - ISO

This international standard establishes guidelines for transport and condition monitoring of transported consignments such as agri-food and perishable goods, through the applications, models, processes, and information bundles established in ISO. This standard applies to both domestic and...

Managing Food Safety Risks in the Agri-Food Industries
October 23, 2013 - CRC

Modern farming practices involve more stakeholders in the supply chain, presenting issues of storage, transportation, and distribution prior to reaching the consumer. This increasing complexity in food production chains creates more points for introducing microorganism contamination...

Bulbous Plants: Biotechnology
December 11, 2013 - CRC

Preface We are pleased to present this unique book on plants with special storage organs such as tubers, corms and bulbs. Tubers, corms and bulbs are various types of modified plant structures that are enlarged to store nutrients. They are used by plants to survive the winter or dry months...

Process Plant Equipment: Operation Control and Reliability Complete Document
January 1, 2012 - WILEY

Discover how to optimize process plant equipment, from selection to operation to troubleshooting From energy to pharmaceuticals to food, the world depends on processing plants to manufacture the products that enable people to survive and flourish. With this book as their guide, readers have...

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Handbook of Chemicals and Safety
November 2, 2010 - CRC

A host of chemical substances have become essential parts of human activities and requirements for societal development. Any kind of misuse and/or negligence in handling these substances can cause health disorders, poisoning, and fatalities among unprotected workers and members of the public...

Handbook of Seafood and Seafood Products Analysis
November 24, 2009 - CRC

Seafood and seafood products represent some of the most important foods in almost all types of societies around the world. More intensive production of fish and shellfish to meet high demand has raised some concerns related to the nutritional and sensory qualities of these cultured fish in...

Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security
June 21, 2005 - CRC

Learn what you need to know about foodborne illness-from comprehensive Web sites! "An estimated 76 million illnesses, 323,914 hospitalizations, and 5,194 deaths are attributed to foodborne illness in the United States each year."-2001 FDA Food Code. The Internet Guide to Food Safety...

Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Vegetable Crops, Volume 3
November 7, 2006 - CRC

Preface Major cereals, grain legumes, oilseeds, and vegetable crops have always been an integral part of human civilization since time immemorial; they are also a primary food source for the world population. These crops are a rich source of carbohydrates (cereals), proteins (grain legumes),...

HazMat Data: For First Response Transportation Storage and Security 2nd Edition Complete Document
January 1, 2004 - WILEY

A vital first response and safety tool-now in a second edition As a clearly organized, comprehensive handbook, the first edition of HazMat Data has provided first responders, industrial health and safety professionals, and transportation specialists with the far-reaching, in-depth, and...