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PyTorch Computer Vision Cookbook
March 20, 2020 - PACKT

Discover powerful ways to use deep learning algorithms and solve real-world computer vision problems using Python Key Features * Solve the trickiest of problems in computer vision by combining the power of deep learning and neural networks * Leverage PyTorch 1.x capabilities to...

Mastering Computer Vision with TensorFlow 2.x
May 15, 2020 - PACKT

Apply neural network architectures to build state-of-the-art computer vision applications using the Python programming language Key Features * Gain a fundamental understanding of advanced computer vision and neural network models in use today * Cover tasks such as low-level...

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ISO FDIS 11591 - Small craft — Field of vision from the steering position
May 20, 2020 - ISO

This document specifies requirements for the field of vision from the steering position, forward (horizontally and vertically) and astern, for small craft up to 24 m length of hull (LH) in accordance with ISO 8666:2016.

Deep Learning in Computer Vision: Principles and Applications
April 13, 2020 - CRC

Deep learning algorithms have brought a revolution to the computer vision community by introducing non-traditional and efficient solutions to several image-related problems that had long remained unsolved or partially addressed. This book presents a collection of eleven chapters where each...

ISO FDIS 16273 - Ships and marine technology — Night vision equipment for high-speed craft — Operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results
June 9, 2020 - ISO

This document specifies operational and performance requirements and methods of testing for night vision equipment fitted to high-speed craft. NOTE In this document, the text identical to IMO Resolution MSC.94 (72) is printed in italics; references to the paragraphs concerned in the IMO...

Switchable Bioelectronics
August 17, 2020 - CRC

This book reviews the rapidly emerging field of switchable interfaces and its implications for bioelectronics. The authors piece together early breakthroughs and key developments and highlight the future of switchable bioelectronics by focusing on bioelectrochemical processes based on mimicking and...

Learning OpenCV 4 Computer Vision with Python 3
February 20, 2020 - PACKT

Updated for OpenCV 4 and Python 3, this book covers the latest on depth cameras, 3D tracking, augmented reality, and deep neural networks, helping you solve real-world computer vision problems with practical code Key Features * Build powerful computer vision applications in concise...

Intuitive Understanding of Kalman Filtering with MATLAB®
September 7, 2020 - CRC

The emergence of affordable micro sensors, such as MEMS Inertial Measurement Systems, are applied in embedded systems and Internet-of-Things devices. This has brought techniques such as Kalman Filtering, which are capable of combining information from multiple sensors or sources, to the interest of...

Computer Vision-Based Agriculture Engineering
October 3, 2019 - CRC

In recent years, computer vision is a fast-growing technique of agricultural engineering, especially in quality detection of agricultural products and food safety testing. It can provide objective, rapid, non-contact and non-destructive methods by extracting quantitative information from...

Tomorrow's Healthcare by Nano-sized Approaches A Bold Future for Medicine
July 1, 2020 - CRC

Nanomedicine, a scientific branch of nanotechnology that operates on the same scale as biology, offers the possibility of influencing the healing process from inside of the body by manipulating the matter at cellular or molecular levels. Throughout this book, current healing approaches based on...

ISO DIS 17215-3 - Road vehicles — Video communication interface for cameras (VCIC) — Part 3: Camera message dictionary
June 10, 2020 - ISO

This document specifies the standardized camera messages and data types used by a VCIC camera (OSI Layer 7). The scope of the camera application interface (API) and its context are shown in Figure 1. Applications hosted on ECUs want to communicate with one or more cameras (e.g. "Ask camera for...

Image Processing and Acquisition using Python
July 1, 2020 - CRC

Image Processing and Acquisition using Python provides readers with a sound foundation in both image acquisition and image processing-one of the first books to integrate these topics together. By improving readers' knowledge of image acquisition techniques and corresponding image processing, the...

SNZ AS/NZS 2063 - Helmets for use on bicycles and wheeled recreational devices
May 22, 2020 - SNZ

This Standard specifies the design, construction and basic performance requirements of lightweight protective helmets intended to mitigate the adverse effects of a blow to the head. This Standard covers impact energy attenuation, helmet stability, load distribution, strength and effectiveness of...

ISO DIS 23825 - Method for evaluating the nodularity of spheroidal carbides — Steels for cold heading and cold extruding
May 5, 2020 - ISO

This International standard specifies a micrographic method based on comparison charts for determining the degree of spheroidisation of carbides after annealing of wire rod, wire or bars made of non-alloy and low alloy steels intended for cold heading and cold extrusion. The range of carbon content...

ISO 15004-1 - Ophthalmic instruments — Fundamental requirements and test methods — Part 1: General requirements applicable to all ophthalmic instruments
May 1, 2020 - ISO

This document specifies fundamental requirements for non-invasive, active and non-active ophthalmic instruments and to devices for enhancing low vision. This document is also applicable to tonometers, but not to other ophthalmic instruments which are used in contact with the globe of the eye...