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Data Visualization with Python
February 28, 2019 - PACKT

"Understand, explore, and effectively present data using the powerful data visualization techniques of Python programming. Key Features * Study key visualization tools and techniques with real-world data * Explore industry-standard plotting libraries, including Matplotlib and Seaborn...

Big Data Visualization
February 28, 2017 - PACKT

Learn effective tools and techniques to separate big data into manageable and logical components for efficient data visualization About This Book • This unique guide teaches you how to visualize your cluttered, huge amounts of big data with ease • It is rich with ample options and...

Expert Data Visualization
April 24, 2017 - PACKT

Breathe life into your data by learning how to use D3.js V4 to visualize information About This Book • Create complex visualizations powered by D3.js and open data. • Provides an extensive set of visualizations that explore all the functionality provided by D3.js V4. • Shows...

Learning Responsive Data Visualization
March 23, 2016 - PACKT

Master the art of building responsive visualizations on the Web About This Book Learn the techniques for building data visualizations that work well for all screen sizes Implement responsive techniques with popular libraries to get to grips with building responsive...

Python Data Visualization Cookbook
November 30, 2015 - PACKT

Over 70 recipes to get you started with popular Python libraries based on the principal concepts of data visualization About This Book • Learn how to set up an optimal Python environment for data visualization • Understand how to import, clean and organize your data • Determine...

R Data Visualization Recipes
November 22, 2017 - PACKT

Translate your data into info-graphics using popular packages in R About This Book • Use R's popular packages-such as ggplot2, ggvis, ggforce, and more-to create custom, interactive visualization solutions. • Create, design, and build interactive dashboards using Shiny • A highly practical...

OpenGL Data Visualization Cookbook
August 24, 2015 - PACKT

Over 40 hands-on recipes to create impressive, stunning visuals for a wide range of real-time, interactive applications using OpenGL About This Book Get acquainted with a set of fundamental OpenGL primitives and concepts that enable users to create stunning visuals of arbitrarily complex 2D and 3D...

QlikView: Advanced Data Visualization
December 27, 2018 - PACKT

Build powerful data analytics applications with this business intelligence tool and overcome all your business challenges Key Features *Master time-saving techniques and make your QlikView development more efficient *Perform geographical analysis and sentiment analysis in your QlikView applications...

Mathematica Data Visualization
September 25, 2014 - PACKT

If you are planning to create data analysis and visualization tools in the context of science, engineering, economics, or social science, then this book is for you. With this book, you will become a visualization expert, in a short time, using Mathematica.

Learning QlikView Data Visualization
September 25, 2013 - PACKT

A practical and fast-paced guide that gives you all the information you need to start developing charts from your data.Learning QlikView Data Visualization is for anybody interested in performing powerful data analysis and crafting insightful data visualization, independent of any...

Mastering QlikView Data Visualization
April 25, 2016 - PACKT

Take your QlikView skills to the next level and master the art of creating visual data analysis for real business needs About This Book • Explore how to create your own QlikView data laboratory and how to develop QlikView applications using agile project methods • Implement advanced data...

Mastering Python Data Visualization
October 27, 2015 - PACKT

Generate effective results in a variety of visually appealing charts using the plotting packages in Python About This Book • Explore various tools and their strengths while building meaningful representations that can make it easier to understand data • Packed with computational methods and...

R Data Visualization Cookbook
January 29, 2015 - PACKT

If you are a data journalist, academician, student or freelance designer who wants to learn about data visualization, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of R programming is expected.

Unity for Architectural Visualization
September 25, 2013 - PACKT

A tutorial packed with practical examples and screenshots to help you become an expert in architectural visualization using Unity.This book is written for students and professional architects who know how to model buildings in 3D and have a need to turn their design into an interactive...

Learning Python Data Visualization
August 25, 2014 - PACKT

If you are a Python novice or an experienced developer and want to explore data visualization libraries, then this is the book for you. No prior charting or graphics experience is needed.

AIAG D-21 - SASIG Digital Engineering Visualization
January 1, 2005 - AIAG

Is a global document produced by SASIG-Strategic Automotive product data Standards Industry Group. SASIG members are: AIAG, JAMA, JAPIA, GALIA, VDA and Odette-Sweden. "Tooling changes can be significantly reduced utilizing existing and emerging Digital Engineering Visualization tools. This...

AIAG D-17 - Engineering Visualization
January 1, 2003 - AIAG
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Handbook Of Flow Visualization
June 27, 2001 - CRC

Part I Fundamentals: 1.Introduction 2.Fluid Dynamics 3.Heat and Mass Transfer Fundamentals for Flow Visualization Part 2: 4.Liquids 5.Gases 6.Sparks Tracing and Electric Discharge 7.Surface Tracing Methods 8.Liquid Crystals 9.Tufts 10.Streaming Birefringence 11.Optical Deflectometry by...

Circos Data Visualization How-to
November 23, 2012 - PACKT

Recipes that follow a problem-solution approach. It's a friendly, hands-on guide to creating visualizations with step-by-step instructions. This book is targeted at statisticians, analysts, and graphic designers with an interest in data visualization. The author does not presume any...