IPS WHAT ARE STANDARDS? - IP-Shield: What are Standards? (Standards Education)

Standards are part of our daily lives yet they often go unnoticed. This course explains what standards are and uses examples of the various types of standards to illustrate the many ways that we use and rely on standards. Upon completion, the student will be able to: Explain...

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Hands-On Dark Web Analysis
December 26, 2018 - PACKT

"Understanding the concept Dark Web and Dark Net to utilize it for effective cybersecurity Key Features *Understand the concept of Dark Net and Deep Web*Use Tor to extract data and maintain anonymity *Develop a security framework using Deep web evidences Book Description The...

R Web Scraping Quick Start Guide
October 31, 2018 - PACKT

Web Scraping techniques are getting more popular, since data is as valuable as oil in 21st century. Through this book get some key knowledge about using XPath, regEX; web scraping libraries for R like rvest and RSelenium technologies. Key Features *Techniques, tools and...

Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook
August 31, 2018 - PACKT

Discover the most common web vulnerabilities and prevent them from becoming a threat to your site's security Key Features *Familiarize yourself with the most common web vulnerabilities *Conduct a preliminary assessment of attack surfaces and run exploits in your lab *Explore new tools...

Practical Web Penetration Testing
June 22, 2018 - PACKT

Learn how to execute web application penetration testing end-to-end About This Book • Build an end-to-end threat model landscape for web application security • Learn both web application vulnerabilities and web intrusion testing • Associate network vulnerabilities with a...

Hands-On Full-Stack Web Development with ASP.NET Core
October 31, 2018 - PACKT

"Become a full-stack developer by learning popular Microsoft technologies and platforms such as .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and Azure Key Features *Bring static typing to web development with features compatible in TypeScript 3 *Implement a slim marketplace single page...

Web Application Development with R Using Shiny
September 27, 2018 - PACKT

"Analyze, communicate, and design your own sophisticated and interactive web applications using the R (v 3.4) Shiny (1.1.0) package Key Features *Explore the power of R Shiny to make interactive web applications easily *Create engaging user interfaces using elements such as HTML5...

Learning Python Web Penetration Testing
June 27, 2018 - PACKT

Leverage the simplicity of Python and available libraries to build web security testing tools for your application Key Features *Understand the web application penetration testing methodology and toolkit using Python *Write a web crawler/spider with the Scrapy library *Detect...

Go Web Development Cookbook
April 23, 2018 - PACKT

"86 recipes on how to build fast, scalable, and powerful web services and applications with Go About This Book • Become proficient in RESTful web services • Build scalable, high-performant web applications in Go • Get acquainted with Go frameworks for web development Who...

Progressive Web Application Development by Example
July 24, 2018 - PACKT

Leverage the full potential of the web to make your web sites better than native applications for every platform. Key Features *Explore different models and patterns required to develop progressive web applications *Create applications requiring shorter runtime for attracting...

Building Serverless Python Web Services with Zappa
July 30, 2018 - PACKT

Master serverless architectures in Python and their implementation, with Zappa on three different frameworks. Key Features * Scalable serverless Python web services using Django, Flask, and Pyramid. * Learn Asynchronous task execution on AWS Lambda and scheduling using Zappa. * Implementing...

Learn React with TypeScript 3
November 29, 2018 - PACKT

"Start developing modern day component based web apps using React 16, Redux and TypeScript 3 with this easy to follow guide filled with practical examples. Key Features *Learn the latest and core features of React such as components, React Router, and suspense *Dive into TypeScript 3 and...

Server-Side Enterprise Development with Angular
November 29, 2018 - PACKT

"Build SEO-friendly, progressive web applications that live on the web, mobile, or desktop, using the latest Angular Universal which is loaded with powerful features such as components, directives, and services Key Features *Explore differences between server-side and client-side...

Node.js Complete Reference Guide
December 21, 2018 - PACKT

"Node.js Complete Reference Guide is your one-stop solution to building highly scalable, single-language applications that share code between the server and client Key Features *Explore the latest JavaScript features and EcmaScript modules *Walk through different stages of developing robust...

RESTful Java Web Services
November 17, 2017 - PACKT

Master core REST concepts and create RESTful web services in Java About This Book • Build efficient and secure RESTful web APIs in Java.. • Design solutions to produce, consume and visualize RESTful web services using WADL, RAML, and Swagger • Familiarize the role of RESTful...

Internet of Things Programming Projects
October 31, 2018 - PACKT

A practical project-based guide to help you build and control your IoT projects Key Features *Leverage the full potential of IoT with the combination of Raspberry Pi 3 and Python *Build complex Python-based applications with IoT *Work on various IoT projects and understand the basics of electronics...