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SPEC WRITER NOTE: Edit paragraphs A to E based on project requirements.

A. This Section, Common Work Results for Electronic Safety and Security (ESS), applies to all sections of Division 28.

B. Furnish and install fully functional electronic safety and security cabling system(s), equipment and approved accessories in accordance with the specification section(s), drawing(s), and referenced publications. Capacities and ratings of cable and other items and arrangements for the specified items are shown on each system's required Bill of Materials (BOM) and verified on the approved system drawing(s). If there is a conflict between contract's specification(s) and drawings(s), the contract's specification requirements shall prevail.

C. The Contractor shall provide a fully functional and operating ESS, programmed, configured, documented, and tested as required herein and the respective Safety and Security System Specification(s). The Contractor shall provide calculations and analysis to support design and engineering decisions as specified in submittals. The Contractor shall provide and pay all labor, materials, and equipment, sales and gross receipts and other taxes. The Contractor shall secure and pay for plan check fees, permits, other fees, and licenses necessary for the execution of work as applicable for the project. Give required notices; the Contractor will comply with codes, ordinances, regulations, and other legal requirements of public authorities, which bear on the performance of work.

D. The Contractor shall provide an ESS, installed, programmed, configured, documented, and tested. The security system shall include but not limited to: physical access control, intrusion detection, duress alarms, elevator control interface, video assessment and surveillance, video recording and storage, delayed egress, personal protection system, intercommunication system, fire alarm interface, equipment cabinetry, dedicated photo badging system and associated live camera, report printer, photo badge printer, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) interface. Operator training shall not be required as part of the Security Contractors scope and shall be provided by the Owner. The Security Contractor shall still be required to provide necessary maintenance and troubleshooting manuals as well as submittals as identified herein. The work shall include the procurement and installation of electrical wire and cables, the installation and testing of all system components. Inspection, testing, demonstration, and acceptance of equipment, software, materials, installation, documentation, and workmanship, shall be as specified herein. The Contractor shall provide all associated installation support, including the provision of primary electrical input power circuits.

E. Repair Service Replacement Parts On-site service during the warranty period shall be provided as specified under "Emergency Service". The Contractor shall guarantee all parts and labor for a term of one (1) year, unless dictated otherwise in this specification from the acceptance date of the system as described in Part 5 of this Specification. The Contractor shall be responsible for all equipment, software, shipping, transportation charges, and expenses associated with the service of the system for one (1) year. The Contractor shall provide 24-hour telephone support for the software program at no additional charge to the owner. Software support shall include all software updates that occur during the warranty period.

F. Section Includes:

1. Description of Work for Electronic Security Systems,

2. Electronic security equipment coordination with relating Divisions,

3. Submittal Requirements for Electronic Security,

4. Miscellaneous Supporting equipment and materials for Electronic Security,

5. Electronic security installation requirements.

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VA 28 05 00
September 1, 2011
DESCRIPTION SPEC WRITER NOTE: Edit paragraphs A to E based on project requirements. A. This Section, Common Work Results for Electronic Safety and Security (ESS), applies to all sections of...