Standard: UFC 1-300-08


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The scope of this document covers the entire DD Form 1354 process beginning with the identification of the requirement for a DD Form 1354, continuing with the points when the DD Form 1354 is updated, and concluding with the steps taken to provide a final DD Form 1354.


Although there are other types of acquisition, this UFC establishes the process required for documenting the following four methods of acquisition:

• Acquisition by construction - transfer and acceptance of accountability of a newly constructed real property asset from a construction agent to the receiving Service; also provides for the relief of the construction in progress (CIP) account.

• Capital improvement to existing facilities - transfer and acceptance of accountability for an improvement to a real property asset from a construction agent to the receiving Service; also provides for the relief of the CIP account.

Transfer between Services - transfer and acceptance of real property asset accountability between the Military Services or Washington Headquarters Services (WHS).

• Inventory adjustment (also known as "found on site") - provides initial documentation for an undocumented real property asset found on site until sufficient documentation is located.

This UFC provides for consistent guidance throughout DoD and provides a consolidated reference that:

• Identifies the use of a draft, interim and final version of the DD Form 1354, Transfer and Acceptance of DoD Real Property,

• Describes how the DD Form 1354 is used as part of a real property. business process,

• Defines the roles and responsibilities in the DD Form 1354 process, and

• Introduces the Real Property Unique Identifier (RPUID) to the DD Form 1354, consistent with Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) guidance, to enable improved accountability by allowing all financial transactions and physical changes to real property to be tracked at the asset level.

DoD published processes, business rules, and data standards for real property accountability in the Real Property Inventory Requirements (RPIR) document, January 2005. The RPIR was developed by representatives of the Military Departments, Defense Agencies, and was facilitated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The RPIR document fully describes the RPUID and its uses. RPUIDs are assigned by the Real Property Unique Identifier Registry (RPUIR), which interfaces with the authoritative source system for each Service's real property inventory. These organizations also developed the Real Property Acceptance Requirements (RPAR) document, August 2006, which clarifies the role of the RPUID in the DD Form 1354

process.1 All of these requirements have been integrated into DoD's Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), the blueprint for DoD's business transformation.2

Organization: Unified Facilities Criteria
Document Number: ufc 1-300-08
Publish Date: 2009-04-16
Page Count: 45
Available Languages: EN
DOD Adopted: NO
ANSI Approved: NO
Most Recent Revision: YES
Current Version: YES
Status: Active

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