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PTI DC80.4 - Guide Specification for Unbonded Post-Tensioning Repair
November 1, 2018 - PTI

Summary A. This section includes repair to unbonded post-tensioning in the slabs and beams as follows: Provide listing of work tasks specific to post-tensioning that are to be described/specified in this specification, possibly including the following (modify as appropriate to identify...

PTI DC45.1 - Recommendations for Stay Cable Design, Testing and Installation
November 1, 2018 - PTI

This Standard specifies: • The geometrical, mechanical, and technological properties and the characteristics of the metallic coating for hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminum coated smooth wires and seven-wire strands used for prestressing; and • The conditions of inspection for all these properties and...

PTI DC10.8 - Guide for Performance Evaluation of Slab-on-Ground Foundations
January 1, 2018 - PTI

INTRODUCTION This document: • Provides guidelines to aid in the evaluation of the performance of slab-on-ground foundations; • Provides guidelines to aid in the evaluation of the performance of residential and other similarly constructed low-rise buildings with slab-on-ground foundations; • Applies...

PTI DC10.2 - Construction and Maintenance Manual for Post-Tensioned Slab-on-Ground Foundations
March 1, 2017 - PTI

Purpose and scope This manual has been developed to provide guidance for owners, licensed design professionals (LDPs), builders, contractors, and field personnel involved in the installation, stressing, and finishing of unbonded single strand systems used in the construction of residential...

EPI DCOS (S) - (SPANISH) Estándar de Operaciones de Centros de Datos
May 1, 2016 - EPI
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EPI DCOS (C) - (CHINESE - TRADITIONAL) Data Centre Operations Standard
February 1, 2016 - EPI
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EPI DCOS - (ENGLISH) Data Centre Operations Standard
February 1, 2016 - EPI

Until now, organizations delivering data centre services focus on building highly resilient facilities by designing redundancy at various levels typically in accordance with standards such as ANSI/TIA-942*, ANSI/BICSI-002* and others. However, many organizations have come to realize that without...

PTI DC35.1 - Recommendations for Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchors
January 1, 2014 - PTI

These Recommendations provide practical guidance in the application of permanent and temporary prestressed rock and soil anchors using high-strength prestressing steel. They represent the current state of practice and provide recommendation for the design, installation, and testing of grouted...

NEMA DC 3 - Residential Controls–Electrical Wall-Mounted Room Thermostats
January 1, 2013 - NEMA

This standards publication covers self-contained, electrical and electronic, wall-mounted room thermostats for controlling the temperature of the space in which the thermostat is mounted by controlling the applied energy for heating or cooling

January 1, 2013 - NEMA

OVERVIEW This annex provides the specifications that are required for a programmable thermostat to be classified as energy efficient.

PTI DC80.3 - Guide for Evaluation and Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures
April 1, 2012 - PTI

Post-tensioning design, evaluation, and repair requires specialized knowledge. This guide is intended to provide an introduction to the techniques and procedures used to evaluate and repair unbonded post-tensioned structures. While the procedures outlined are effective on many projects, the...

PTI DC20.9 - Guide for Design of Post-Tensioned Buildings
September 1, 2011 - PTI

Scope and overview This guide provides basic knowledge about posttensioning design and construction within the scope outlined in the following and is primarily intended for design professionals but can also be used by others involved with the design and construction of post-tensioned concrete...

ACI DCCM - Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
January 1, 2011 - ACI
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PTI DC80.2 - Guide for Creating Openings and Penetrations in Existing Slabs with Unbonded Post-Tensioning
July 1, 2010 - PTI

This document provides a comprehensive description of the different processes that are required to create openings in PT slab systems. This includes a description of the required structural analysis as well as construction methods used to create openings. The most common PT system...

NEMA DC 10 - Residential Controls - Temperature Limit Controls for Electrical Baseboard Heaters
January 1, 2009 - NEMA

This Standards Publication describes constructional details, classifications, ratings, and other characteristics of temperature limit controls and control systems of the linear-sensing or spot types, which are suitable for mounting inside electric baseboard heaters for the purpose of...

PTI DC10.3 - Design and Construction of Post-Tensioned Sport Courts
January 1, 2006 - PTI

SCOPE A post-tensioned concrete court should be considered a "slab" rather than a "foundation." In other words, it is not intended to minimize deflections to protect a supported structure. ACI 318-052 does not cover the design of soil supported slabs. Values for allowable stresses and spacing of...

PTI DC20.8 - Design of Post-Tensioned Slabs Using Unbonded Tendons
February 1, 2004 - PTI

INTRODUCTION In many parts of the country, post-tensioned concrete slabs with unbonded tendons have become the preferred choice for floor systems in both commercial and residential buildings. The two most popular systems are one-way slabs spanning between parallel beams placed between...

PTI DC80.1 - Controlled Demolition of an Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab
January 1, 2002 - PTI

INTRODUCTION Several references are available which describe the demolition of bonded post-tensioned concrete structures (Felstead et al, 1981, Buchner et al, 1985). The National Association of Demolition Contractors (NADC. 1981) has issued a demolition safety manual for special structures...

PTI DC20.7 - Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Cast-in-Place Post-Tensioned Concrete Parking Structures
March 1, 2001 - PTI

Introduction This manual was developed to provide a comprehensive reference for the design, construction, and maintenance of free-standing, cast-in-place concrete parking structures. The emphasis of the manual is on design, construction, and maintenance practices that will ensure long-term...