ASME B18.31.3 - Threaded Rods (Inch Series)
January 1, 2014 - ASME

This Standard covers the general and dimensional data for inch series threaded rods. Included are the following thread configurations and diameters: (a) UNC threads #4 through 4 in. (b) UNF threads #4 through 1½ in. (c) 8UN threads 11⁄8 in. through 4 in. (d) Acme threads ¼ in. through 5 in....

SAE ARP5777 - Maintenance and Inspection Procedures for Acme Screw Assemblies
May 1, 2010 - SAE

This document is to be used as a guide in preparing specifications for maintenance and inspection of acme screw assemblies used in driven linear actuators. It is intended to cover Acme screw assemblies driven by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, manual means, with or without gear case...

SAE J2197 - Hfc-134a (R-134a) Service Hose Fittings for Automotive Air-Conditioning Service Equipment
August 1, 2011 - SAE

This SAE Standard covers fittings intended for connecting service hoses, per SAE J2196, from Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems to service equipment such as manifold gauges, vacuum pumps and air conditioning charging, recovery and recycling equipment. Due to similarities between English and metric...

ASTM F2768 - Standard Specification for Modified Stub ACME Thread Joint with Elastomeric Seal in Plastic Piping Components
December 1, 2009 - ASTM

This specification covers a Modified Stub ACME Thread Joint with an Elastomeric Seal used to seal the joint components in plastic piping components, or (if applicable) to components made of other non-plastic materials used for plastic piping components used in turf irrigation systems. This...

ASME B1.5 - Acme Screw Threads
January 1, 1997 - ASME

This Standard provides for two general applications of Acme threads: namely, general purpose and centralizing. The limits and tolerances in this Standard relate to single-start Acme threads and may be used, if considered suitable, for multiple-start Acme threads. The latter...

ASME B1.8 - Stub Acme Screw Threads
April 30, 1988 - ASME

GENERAL AND HISTORICAL When formulated prior to 1895, regular Acme screw threads were intended to replace square threads and a variety of threads of other forms used chiefly for the purpose of producing traversing motions on machines, tools, etc. For current information on Acme...

ASME Y14.40.1 - Graphical Symbols for Diagrams, Part 1: General Information and Indexes
January 1, 2002 - ASME

This Standard serves as an introduction to all the other parts. In particular, it gives information on the creation and use of registration numbers for identifying graphical symbols used in diagrams, rules for the presentation and application of these symbols, and examples of their use and...

BS 1104 - Specification for general purpose Acme screw threads.
June 5, 1957 - BSI

Defines Acme thread; tables of basic sizes, limits and tolerances for standard series of single start threads 1⁄4 in to 5 in diameter. Agrees with ASA B1.5:1952 except for pitches associated with diameters 3⁄8 in, 7⁄16 in, 1 in, 11⁄4 in and 11⁄2 in. 2G, 3G

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ASME Y14.40.4 - Graphical Symbols for Diagrams, Part 4: Actuators and Related Devices
January 1, 2002 - ASME

This Standard specifies graphical symbols for basic elements in actuators, complete actuators, and actuating devices in diagrams. For the fundamental rules of creation and application of graphical symbols in diagrams, see Y14.40.0. For an overview of the ACME Y14 series, information on the...

ASME N509 - Nuclear Power Plant Air-Cleaning Units and Components
January 1, 2002 - ASME

This Standard covers requirements for the design, construction, and qualification and acceptance testing of the air-cleaning units and components which make up Engineered Safety Feature (ESF) and other high efficiency air and gas treatment systems used in nuclear power plants. Limitations The...

ASME B89.1.17 - Measurement of Thread Measuring Wires
January 1, 2001 - ASME

This Standard is intended to establish uniform practices for the measurement of thread measuring wires. The standard includes methods for the direct measurement of both master and working wires, and methods for the comparison measurement of working wires. The standard includes requirements for...

DIN 263-1 - Single- and double-start acme thread with clearance for rail vehicles - Part 1: Dimensions
March 1, 2000 - DIN
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SAE J2123 - Numbering System for Taps
October 1, 1998 - SAE

1. Scope--This SAE Recommended Practice provides a systematic method for the identification of ground thread taps for inch sizes up to 9.999 in with a Maximum Thread-per-Inch of 99.9, and Metric sizes up to 99.9 mm with a Maximum pitch of 9.99 mm. It is intended to assist in the cataloging and...

GOST 14725 - Eye bolts with acme-thread. Design
June 13, 1969 - GOST
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GOST 12461 - Nuts hexagonal high with acme thread. Design
January 3, 1967 - GOST
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